The Ocean Child- Part One. Don’t Worry Kyoko

Cover Photo:  Yoko Ono in En Trance, 1997; Half-A-Wind Show, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2013; photo by Bjarke Ørsted © Yoko Ono


OH! Yoko….

Where to begin? Love her or hate her, Yoko Ono is a key player in the continuing Beatles saga. This mysterious “witchy woman” literally and figuratively volleys between light and dark, black hat white hat metaphors unlike any other woman in the Beatles entourage. Who is Yoko Ono? And how did she come to be one of (if not THE) most influential characters in John Lennon’s and therefore the Beatles lives? Her story is either best suited to be told properly by Shakespeare or perhaps Stanley Kubrick – and though likely highly unqualified to tell the tale adequately, I will do my best to convey this very odd and convoluted story for you.

Ono’s Background in a nutshell:

Yoko Ono was born into a very wealthy banking aristocratic family on February 18, 1933 in Tokyo, Japan. Coming from a long distinguished line of Samurai warriors, Ono was the eldest of Isoko and Eisuke Ono’s three children. Eisuke, Yoko’s father worked for the Yokohama Specie Bank, and was transferred to San Francisco, California in 1933. Ono’s mother held the nobility line in the family. Her grandfather, Zenjiro Yasuda established the Third National Bank in 1876, the Yasuda bank in 1880 (later known as the Fugi Bank- and now the Mizuho Financial Group) which became the financial arm of Imperial Japan.

For a bit more on Yoko’s interesting extended family background see Thenumbernine’s article On Cuban Heels?
The family moved to New York in 1940 and then back to Japan in 1941, when her father was transferred to Hanoi on the eve of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Ono remained in Tokyo through World War II, enduring the great firebombing of 1945. At the age of 18, Ono moved with her parents to Scarsdale, New York. She studied at Sarah Lawrence College, but left to elope with her first husband, Toshi Ichiyanagi in 1956.

Her marriage with Ichiyanagi ultimately fell apart, and ended with a suicide attempt by Yoko in 1962. Her family had her committed to a mental facility- and like a ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ an alleged “fan” by the name of Anthony Cox (who happened to be a film producer) managed to get her released from the medical facility. They married June 6, 1963 and a daughter, Kyoko was born two months later.

Yoko Ono, Kyoko and Anthony Cox
Anthony Cox and Yoko Ono had a seemingly strange relationship. There have been many rumors and stories floating about over the years about this couple, some of which may or may not have any merit. However, the strange circumstances that unfolded mere years later between the Ono-Lennon’s and Cox and Kyoko are a bit more concrete.

Don’t worry Kyoko

Ono and Cox were divorced in 1969, the same year John Lennon and Yoko married in Gibraltar. At first, all seemed well with John Yoko and sometimes Kyoko, whom Yoko did not have custody of. Reportedly Anthony Cox tried to hide Kyoko  away from both John and Yoko for quite some time. Yoko actively sought Kyoko and her whereabouts for years, hiring private investigators and other heavies to find her without much success.

Here’s where it gets weird. I don’t intend to make light of this situation. I’m sure it was a traumatic experience for all those involved, especially the children. However let’s consider this- if your ex-wife just married a Beatle, and you were actively trying to keep your child away from that situation, would you go to India to the Maharishi and ask for asylum? I don’t know if that would be my first choice personally, but that is exactly what Anthony Cox did. The Maharishi camp… where the Beatles had stayed only a few years earlier. The same Maharishi camp that Yoko Ono may have been at secretly during the Beatles stay in 1968 (and then still married to Anthony Cox) perusing John. The same Maharishi camp that John wrote “Julia” a song supposedly about his mother, Julia Stanley using the lyric:

Julia, ocean child

calls me

so I sing this song of love for Julia

Yoko means Ocean child in Japanese, and John referred to Yoko as “mother” quite frequently. Irony? Coincidence? Perhaps. If you believe in that sort of thing.

If that wasn’t weird enough for you, you’re in luck!  After Cox was discovered there with Kyoko one way or another, and other kidnapping attempts by the Ono-Lennon’s, as well as an attempted kidnapping of Julian Lennon, John son, Cox and Kyoko ran to Houston Texas, where a court order demanded that Yoko be able to visit with Kyoko. Cox ran again, this time to California where they joined a fundamentalist cult group known as The Living Word, aka The Walk. According to this original people magazine article (linked) from 1983, the Walk group was known for its mix of Pentecostal, occult and eastern mysticism belief system. Anthony Cox climbed quickly into the upper echelons of this cult.

“The Walk’s beliefs have been described by a cult expert as a mixture of Pentecostalism, occult practices and Eastern mysticism, and Cox became a prominent figure, a “prophet and set-aside elder.” Cox claims in Vain Glory that cult founder John Robert Stevens, in addition to praying for the deaths of political leaders, considered himself the earthly incarnation of Jesus Christ and practiced “forehead bonding,” a form of mind control and hypnotism, with his disciples. (When Stevens died in 1983, Cox claims, cult members kept his body lying in state for eight months awaiting his resurrection.)”  Source

Another cult connection! There seem to be so many surrounding the Beatles story. Here’s yet another to add to that list.’The Walk’ has been said to be a Doomsday type of mind-control cult, where the former leader John Robert Stevens would instruct his followers to pray for the deaths of certain political leaders.  According to Anthony Cox and his documentary film ‘Vain Glory‘ (linked below), Stevens prophesied and took responsibility for the  assassination of Robert F Kennedy, and prayed for the demise of Walter Mondale who was labeled a Nephillium by Stevens and his disciples, President Jimmy Carter and other political leaders and influential persons. Source

Something to consider:

As we have seen, the mind-control techniques and (for lack of a better term) spellcasting of death or wishes of harm to political leaders was practiced within ‘The Walk’ on a regular, ritualistic basis, and Anthony Cox was a upper-echelon elder member of this group. Cox was also on the run at this time hiding Kyoko away from her mother and John Lennon.  He has also mentioned in interviews that his reasoning behind the abduction was due to the fact that John and Yoko were “corrupt”, “evil-doers” and “heavily influenced by the occult”. He obviously had a major distaste for John as well as Yoko at this time. Was John Lennon on the list of those political leaders that were targeted by this group?

Anthony Cox and Kyoko left ‘The Walk’ in 1982, but didn’t contact Yoko again until 2000. Kyoko finally reunited with her mother in 2001, after being told for the majority of her life by her father that Yoko and John were “corrupted, drug users that were heavily into the occult.”  There were even rumors of Kyoko moving into the Dakota apartments- although never officially confirmed. Kyoko’s daughter, Emi is believed to be entrusted with half of the Lennon estate, which she will share with her half-brother Sean Lennon. Source


Yoko Ono’s story is complex and mysterious. This is just one tiny fraction of the oddities and mysteries surrounding Ono. In future parts of  “The Ocean Child” series, I plan to dive even further down the walrus hole into the life and legacy of this very strange ‘witchy woman’. Her nearly obsessive fascination with Egyptian artifacts, occult beliefs as well as a host of other curiosities make Yoko Ono a fascinating subject for the whimsical musings of the Number Nine Blog. Stay Tuned for more soon!

Your comments, critiques and questions are always appreciated in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!






  1. Hi Dezy, another great post. Thanks.

    The strangest aspect for me about Yoko Ono is her serendipitous appearance on the scene just when things are getting really weird with The Beatles. Paul grows three inches and changes his part from the left to the right, Aleister Crowley exerts his influence over the band and everything goes psychedelic. Funny how both John and Paul changed partners around this time. As they said, ‘Nothing is real.’


    1. Thanks for your comment.
      Absolutely! 1966 was a very strange year in many more ways than one. Probably a subject for a future article, but if you go looking- it is said that John and Yoko met at her Indica art exhibition on November 9th, 1966. This has since been debunked- it was probably the 7th- but yet it is still cited pretty much everywhere as being THE date they met. 11/9/66 or 9/11/66 when in Europe. I don’t know how far down this rabbit hole you have gone- but for me, those are quite interesting numbers, and just the fact that it was named as being the date (even though it wasn’t) makes it that much more curious.
      Anyhow, thanks for reading. Much appreciated.


  2. Interesting! I knew John and Yoko met at an art exhibition but I hadn’t realised that it was at the Indica and furthermore, I hadn’t realised until I checked with The Ministry of Truth that there were two shops – the Gallery and the Bookshop. For such a fringe player, owner Peter Asher seemed to be everywhere!


  3. 1. “Why me/ Why You/ Broken mirror/ White terror.”

    2: Imagine: ‘Cover design & photo: Yoko Ono’. C.f rear sleeve with Rosemary’s Baby poster.

    3: New York Magazine, 22 Jun, 1981: “The salesclerk -whose name, ironically is Ono- sold him a snub-nosed Charter Arms .38 caliber revolver.”

    4: 1971 – The Lennon’s leave for New York, at mostly Yoko’s behest.

    5: Loving John: Yoko shows May the (Dakota) apartment, claiming she found it herself.

    6: Ibid, p.56: ‘Yoko got up and stared down at Central Park. She mumbled, “I did primal therapy with him. I watched him go back to his childhood. I know his deepest fears.”

    7: Geomancy. C.f Mark Chapman’s around the world trip in a westerly direction to the similiar trips imposed by Yoko on herself, Lennon, John Green etc.

    8: Hypnotism and pregnancy. 1975 (but c.f 1968/9). See May Pang + John Green.

    9: Heroin usage.

    10: 1977 trip to Colombia to make pact with witch known as Lena. See Dakota Days. See The Lives of John Lennon.

    11: Lennon In America, p. 97. “He received a disquieting letter from the National Organization for Women, claiming that various medications Ono was receiving were potentially life threatening. Lennon dubbed the entire matter crazy but was clearly unnerved. In the wake of that troubling episode, someone left a black cross with a satanic motif with the doorman, only to come back days later asking to have the amulet returned, saying it belonged to a relative. This was not the first such incident…”

    12: “It was obvious to me that John’s murder was working to her advantage,” Peebles says. “I was embarrassed and ashamed at some of the decisions she made.”

    13: Fred Seaman: “Yoko was upset when she left the hospital. I believe she viewed J’s bloodied corpse, which must have freaked her out. But by the time she got back to the Dakota she had regained her composure. Some have argued that her businesslike demeanor was perhaps a means of coping. Maybe, but I don’t think so, especially in light of the obvious act she put on for the detectives & media. The moment she was among her intimates (about ten people: staff members, several lawyers, Geffen…) the tears instantly dried up. Now, this in itself is not necessarily sinister. Those who know Y understand that she had shut off a part of herself (the part that felt affection towards JL) many years before J’s death. She didn’t love him anymore. He had become a nuisance in her life. She saw him as a needy child who demanded constant attention, reassurance, etc. Her behavior in private left no doubt whatsoever that J’s death was a good thing for her. The prevailing sentiment was: The King is dead; long live the Queen… The question of Y’s possible involvement in J’s death is a thorny one.
    Many (if not most) of the people on the staff & in Y’s inner circle assumed that Y & SH had recruited MDC (many still believe it). Even average fans thought it. I remember how surprised I was when an acquaintance who was a recording engineer told me (this was about a week
    after J’s death) that many of his friends in the music industry believed that Y had arranged to have J shot. Even the police quickly zeroed in on Y & SH as suspects in a possible conspiracy. A few days after J’s death I was interrogated by one of the detectives investigating the murder. I
    was asked some very pointed questions about Y’s relationship with SH & her plans to divorce J the previous summer. Toward the end of our meeting the detective asked me point blank if I though Y & SH were involved in J’s assassination (I waffled, as i didn’t think it would be prudent to openly admit my suspicions). In any event, the police did mount an investigation into Y’s possible role in the murder.
    Albert Goldman interviewed one of the cops who worked on the case & was told that the cops initially did not believe Chapman was crazy because his behavior after his arrest was extremely rational. They assumed he was a hired killer. And Y had the best motive for hiring him. Indeed, the police were stunned by the speed with which Y managed to probate the will. They believed that she knew ahead of time that J would be killed on Dec.8 & that her lawyers had prepared the legal work in advance. There were other things that could be viewed as circumstatial evidence (eg MDC’s round the world trip: Y liked to send her associates on such trips with the route determined by her directionalist; If memory serves, J embarked on such trips twice, as did John Green & others…) However, the investigation was shut down after MDC pled guilty & it was clear that there would not be a trial. The results of the investigation (several file drawers full) were sealed & placed into storage. By now they’ve probably been destroyed…”

    Walking on Thin Ice was inspired by a visit to Lake Michigan. C.f Chapman’s mysterious stopover in Chicago.

    15: “I wonder if she knew about it?”

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  4. Hello NumberNineblog,

    Where did you get the info that Cynthia said she had seen Yoko at Rishikesh? why didn’t you include the name of the camp, Rishikesh, in this blog?

    I am amazed that no one else has picked up on this: “The same Maharishi camp that Cynthia Lennon claimed Yoko Ono was at secretly during the Beatles stay in 1968”

    WTF? That’s quite a bombshell, I’ve just googled and not seen this info anywhere.

    The official story line in all the newspaper accounts is that Yoko stayed in London “sending” John daily postcards or was that just a cover story and Yoko left pre-filled postcards and had someone send one everyday so it “looked” like she was in London but in reality was meeting up with John every night sometime in the last few weeks of his stay. John was staying with Cynthia in the beginning, but then he needed his own “space” to do the meditation practices. If you’re really meditating, and serious student of meditation, one doesn’t need to have one’s own “space” to concentrate but I think John made up the excuse so he could move out of the bungalow he was sharing with Cynthia and so he could spend his nights with Yoko.

    I always thought John looked really stressed out and troubled during his stay in the Rishikesh holiday camp with the Maharishi. He smiled when he was with the other Beatles but otherwise looked disgusted with Cynthia. Poor Cynthia, John was sleeping with Yoko there at the retreat at night and then John would ignore her in general. Then Yoko ordered John to spill the beans about all his affairs (except for sleeping with Yoko every night the past few weeks) on the plane ride back from India to London. No wonder John got drunk.

    can you please share with us readers where you got this amazing information? Cynthia never mentions seeing or feeling as if Yoko was somewhere around the camp/retreat though it would make sense since Yoko had attended the preparation meeting with Cynthia, John and other Beatles a week before they left for India and John had even given her a ride home in his Rolls Royce.

    i can’t leave an email address since that is like adding gas to a campfire because my email accounts have been compromised, that is, Y’s minions have access to my email account no matter how many times I change my passwords. You can bet that she also has access to Fred Seaman’s email as well despite his changing his email accounts and passwords over the past 15 years.

    also, when you have time, check out the 150plus comments on the ‘what the hell did John Lennon see in Yoko Ono” to get a better idea of how low she went to ensnare John for another 5 years and get him to move back into the Dakota by force using the old tried and true ‘stop smoking hypnosis’ ruse.

    Thanks for caring, for looking into deeper connections. Don’t forget that the walls of the Dakota are 2 feet thick and I suspect this bldg was built for special purpose originally (i forget) and then re-purposed for high end flats.

    I’ll keep checking back.


  5. Hello Beatles Sherlock- thanks again for your comment.
    Wow- well, I must admit that I can not find a source for that information! I remember watching a Cynthia Lennon interview a while back where she claimed that Yoko “hopped into the car” upon leaving the Maharishi camp during their visit in 1968. It seems so clear in my mind- but I also googled it, and rewatched several of Cynthia’s interviews, and can not seem to locate that quote! I thought I remembered Cyn had mentioned that YO jumped right in- non chalantly and sat between John and her. She described the awkwardness with her there, but YO seemed not to care about her daring maneuver.
    Does this ring any bells for you? I suppose I could be getting stories mixed up in my head- quite a conundrum- thank you for pointing it out. I will revise my blunder if it turns out I have misremembered. Yikes!


  6. I’ve googled again and found only one website that lists YO as one of the attendees for the Indian Beatles retreat:

    The “hopping in the back of the Rolls Royce” with John and Cyn by YO happened when they had attended an evening w/Maharishi to discuss the upcoming 2 month retreat and Cynthia was shocked to see this strange woman in the car.

    John did have a habit of needing his own space such as the room off the kitchen because he kept odd hours and didn’t want to be disturbed. John would finally go to bed in the very early morning hours if he tripping on acid or out at the recording studio and Cyn would go to be like a normal person.

    However, though no one’s book states that YO was at the Maharishi retreat secretly seeing John at night, I suspect she really was there being John’s midnight lover and that would definitely explain why John got more depressed and more distant (from Cynthia to the point of ignoring her) as the weeks went by. YO must have worn a wig and pretended she was someone else is my guess, but someone must have seen her there.

    All the news articles state she was sending daily postcards but the reality is that a postcard from the UK to India would take at least 1 to 2 weeks. I think YO had someone send those postcards as her “cover” to pretend she was in London but really she was there on the premises and staying with John in his bungalow. That would explain why John looked terrible during the Indian retreat except when he was with other Beatles. John looks like he’s a guilty man who is very torn apart and very troubled.

    YO did attend the same meeting with the Mahrishi to go over details for the 2 month retreat.

    If Cynthia had seen her or suspected YO was at the Rishikesh retreat, she would have included that in her books or interviews, right?


  7. Its also confusing because YO hopped in the back of the car twice after going to the same Maharishi meeting: first time was for the initiation before going to Bangor and Pete Shotton gave them a ride home. second time was in Feb a week before going to Rishikesh and Les Anthony was the driver that evening.


  8. Hi dizzydezy,

    I left a reply last night, not sure if you got it. So there would be a huge “bru ha ha” if the truth (should it be verified by a brave soul) came out that Yoko was secretly seeing John at the Beatles India retreat in John’s bungalow right underneath everyone’s nose.

    If you read Tony Bramwell’s book, ‘Magical Mystery Tours’, (MMT) John encouraged all the other Beatles to go on the 2 month visit to India to get away from her,

    For anyone who has access to the MMT book, read or re-read pages 246 to 254 to learn that she was seeing him everyday and her entire life’s mission was to hone in and see him starting with a morning call to Apple Studios to see if John had arrived or not. Then, soon after her first call, she would arrive at Apple Studios looking for John and “persisting” in the waiting area until he showed up. Tony doesn’t say exactly when this routine started, but looks like Dec 1967 or Jan 1968.

    John didn’t want Yoko to go to the Maharishi retreat because he wanted to get away from her and have some time with Cynthia, but my guess is that in fact Yoko showed up within the first 7 days after John had arrived with Cynthia because there was no f’ing way she was going to let John “re-unite” with Cynthia and get away from her.

    No wonder John looked so incredibly stressed out, in turmoil and deeply troubled.

    Most likely there must be several people who saw her in India in Rishikesh but are too afraid to speak out. Not sure who those folks are or if they’re still around.

    Also mentioned in those pages, on the bottom of page 246 to top of page 247, there was a one page “agreement” made between YO and her husband Tony Cox to “divy up” money she got from John Lennon.

    I wouldn’t post this particular writeup, but after re-reading MMT Chapter 22, it sounds like what happened is the when YO married John, she reneged on her “agreement” to give Tony millions of dollars and Tony absconded with Kyoko.

    Until Yoko paid up in the mid-1990s, Tony held Kyoko off the grid so YO was not permitted to see K until Yoko paid up.

    So looks like Tony used his black ops gov connections (a certain 3 alphabet agency) to get help with YO to control JL so Tony could get his “share” of John’s Beatles wealth in exchange for John never reuniting with the Beatles.

    BTW: you will probably need to start changing your passwords and/or you’ll find some strange things happening now that you’ve got this blog published and are getting closer to the truth. This means, for example. you might wake up some morning feeling really out of it, as if you had been somewhere else, or had been drugged, but don’t remember anything at all. the 3 alphabet agency has the power and routinely does now drug/mess w/people’s minds and then programs them to forget whatever just happened to them so when they wake up they don’t remember a thing, but unfortunately their lives get shattered as a result: they lose their jobs, their husbands/partner, car crashes, bad shit. It’s like they’re using Satanic sh*t to ruin people they want to keep quiet as part of the other mind control stuff.

    Not trying to scare you, just warn you. Ever since I’ve looked into this line of thought, in 2005, my secure job turned into hell for 2005 thru 2007 and then after working for 11 years, my job was outsourced and I’ve had to go from a six figure salary to occassionally working for less than half as a contractor, when I can get work in IT tech support, several levels lower than I was working at before.

    keep up the good work, hope you can confirm if YO was secretly seeing John after all at the Beatles in India retreat to stop him from leaving her, because he had wanted to put a stop to it but she wouldn’t let him.


    1. Thank you so much for all your information Sherlock- there are some great leads there. Please feel free to link your page here if you would like so that others reading this can see all the information you have collected.

      As for J&Y- what an insane story!! Nearly everything they did together is book-worthy. I really wish the truth would come out (the whole, real truth) but it seems as though, at least right now, it is being protected and covered-up unfortunately. Perhaps after some of the players in this Number 9 dream have passed- the truth will finally come out.
      I am also not so sure that the 1977 extortion letters John received were legit- at least claimed that they were from an unknown Puero Rican hostile terrorist group…
      J&Y or at least Yoko seemed to be the recipients of a few extortion plots- at least two being on or around December 8th… that’s always seemed curious to me.


  9. Could it be that the “extortion plots” were designed in case John was killed years earlier? They seem pretty primitive and “fake” from the news reports. Perhaps these “extortion plots” served to motivate John to give up his power of attorney to his wife.

    If you go to page 274 of Cynthia Lennon’s “John” book, YO attended the last meeting with the Maharishi’s assistant to finalize details of the trip to India and even introduced herself, and then also jumped in the back of the waiting car with Cyn and John and got a ride home.

    on page 275, Cynthia writes:

    ” ‘How bizarre,’ I said to John. ‘What was that all about?’
    ‘Search me, Cyn.’ He insisted he hadn’t invited Yoko and knew nothing of her being there, but common sense dictated that it had to have been John who had asked her to come.”

    It was Tony Bramwell who deposited “dozens of postcards from Yoko” into a plain vanilla envelope to spare Cyntha embarrassment. The Beatles’ magazines, newspapers and mail was forwarded to the Rishikesh compound. Tony was staying in luxury accommodations in India and avoided making the hours long journey to the highlands and never visited the Rishikesh compound so he would never know if Yoko had secretly made the journey especially if she was keeping a low profile and hiding in John’s private bungalow.

    Yoko could have easily have filled out dozens of postcards with her haikus and poems and had someone else post them in the mail from London while she was gone for a week or two.

    Bramwell writes how strong willed Yoko was and she had set her sights on conquering John no matter what, so the more John wanted to break off his relationship, the more she kept at him, like a heat seeking missile with John Lennon’s name on it which never stops.

    Since Yoko attended the departure meeting for the India trip, she would have known all the journey details, where the destination was, and when each Beatle would have arrived or thereabouts and probably made an arrangement to be there.

    The song, ‘Dear Prudence’, describes Mia Farrow’s sister staying all day in her bungalow and presumably there were other attendees who also stayed away from lectures, group meditations and thus were out of sight from prying eyes.

    John would have stayed quiet if Yoko had arrived against his wishes and to save face and to spare the other Beatles any humiliation, would have kept Yoko’s presence secret.

    If John had intended to spend more time with Cynthia to save his marriage, he would certainly have continued to stay with Cynthia in the same bungalow but most likely Yoko arrived and spoiled John’s plans to re-unite with his wife.

    Instead, John must have felt like a real cad for not being stronger to send Yoko away and having an affair in such a spiritual place such as the spiritual retreat. The longer he stayed at the retreat with Yoko secretly, the worse he felt about how he was treating Cynthia.

    Poor Cynthia. I don’t think receiving “postcards” would be enough to cause John to “miss seeing” Yoko, I think he was rushing down to the “post office” in the morning to go see her especially if she was staying near the “post office”.

    To save his marriage, John needed a break from the heat seeking missile and instead most likely, Yoko continued hunting her prey until he caved in. She was relentless but it seems someone had to have paid her airfare and expenses to travel to India so she could “be” with John to stop him from re-uniting with his wife.


    1. Yes!! Very good observations.
      Then you add the other characters possibly in on this plot- like magic Alex who was trying to persuade the Beatles- particularly John into leaving the retreat early. And then soon after tried to seduce Cyn and talk her into divorcing John. Alex was living with pattie Boyd’s sister Jenny at the time, and Cynthia stayed with them for a bit during these turbulent times. It seems as though Alex talked her into going on holiday while yoko moved in on John at Kenwood…


  10. Actually it was John who suggested the Cyn join up with Pattie, Jenny, and others on a 2 week trip to Greece so he could have some time without Cyn.

    Something happened to John over the trip to India, not sure what, but John had big dark circles underneath his eyes, and wasn’t happy and looked disgusted with his wife Cyn, like he wished she wasn’t there and that he was somewhere else. There was something going on, can’t put my finger on it. it’s like he was being tampered with to distraction and like he won’t be happy ever again until he is with Yoko and he has no choice, he’s been ordered to or something like that. Keep in mind that he wanted to break up with Y before he left for India, wanted to get away from her and rebuild his marriage. Then he goes to India and looks like he can’t continue living (or is seeing her secretly behind Cyn’s back) without her.

    The person who would know what was going on would have been Mal Evans, but he’s long gone.


  11. Lastly, you write about how Tony Cox fled to the Rishikesh /ganges retreat to hide Kyoko away from Yoko.

    If Tony and Yoko hadn’t already spent significant time at/round Rishikesh while Yoko was “serving” John in his bungalow, then Tony wouldn’t have had the “connections” and the knowledge of how to navigate and negotiate his way with a young girl in India and over to a remote location such as Rishikesh.

    So even if there are no witnesses saying that she was there, Tony had already setup a “network” in Rishikesh from years earlier.

    John must have felt really bad carrying on an affair while wanting to get away from Yoko. Instead of rebuilding his bridges /relationship with Cyn, he got hijacked and cemented his affair with Yoko who was being used by her husband to cement his financial future. Tony acted as the ultimate “pimp” and used his wife’s affair to provide him with financial security. Tony Cox would do anything for a buck. He’s one of the people on the planet who makes the world a little colder and whoever else backed him as well.


  12. Lastly, I’ve always doubted that a daily postcard would have much effect to “cement” a crumbling relationship. It makes much more sense that Yoko being the penultimate stalker, would travel all the way to India with husband Tony cox, in order to carry on and “strengthen” and break John down while he was in India for two months.

    John probably continued to take drugs like acid and moved to a private bungalow that had multiple rooms once he knew she was arriving. The whole situation would have been too tempting for Yoko to not go and the private bungalow would have been perfect for keeping a mistress hidden from public view.

    Everyone is completely stupid and gullible and got fooled by the cover story that she was sending postcards everyday.

    John was described by Cynthia Lennon as sometimes not coming out of his bungalow for days at a time, and spending alot of time doing “practices” in his bungalow. My guess is that he had company and instead of meditating, he was living with Yoko in a trial situation in complete secrecy.

    John would have been extremely vulnerable to any kind of serious mind control sessions that took place where he would have been drugged, tied down, and essentially tortured to follow his “orders” and obey Yoko’s every command and that she was the best thing that ever happened to him and he didn’t need the fellow Beatles, etc.

    All this was going on without anyone at the retreat having a clue except for Yoko and her husband and whatever shrinks were used to do the programming.

    Again, John looks very different in the Beatles at Rikiesh retreat. He looks unhappy, depressed, distance, and never looks at Cynthia. He completely ignores Cynthia and receiving a daily postcard wouldn’t have been enough to get him to “obsess” and “fall in love” with Yoko.

    It’s pretty bad stuff folks so probably not too many people would have any clue this was going on right in front of them.

    But we’ll never know for sure. Would really appreciate if you could find that published source or quote that confirms John was secretly seeing Yoko at the retreat even if it was for one or two weeks out of the 2 months. My guess is she was there for nearly 6 weeks out of the 8 weeks.


    1. Thank you again for your insightful comments.
      It’s funny because I’ve had in my head for a long time that Yoko was there lurking behind the scenes or whatnot because of that interview that I swear I heard ages ago (I’m still looking for it- ugh so frustrating) so I just assumed this was a “known” thing. You’re absolutely right that it makes perfect sense- and given that all the other bs stories we’ve been fed about how and when J&Y met, I have little doubt your thoughts could very well be precisely what happened. There’s also the prospect of witchcraft used on John- which if you believe in that sort of thing- can be a very powerful and mind-altering form of manipulation.
      I am going to edit this article since I have not found the source of my claim yet… but I won’t give up the search to find it again. Most likely I will find it while looking for something unrelated (as that is what usually happens in my experience.) thanks again for your well thought out comments. Much appreciated!!


  13. Digging further, Yoko Ono performed (if you can call that) at some concert in London Feb 29th and and so would have travelled to India with Tony Cox early March, and then spent the next 4 to 6 weeks until Magic Alex “hustled” John and George out of Rikesh by claiming the Maharishi’s fooling around with one of the women attendees. Not sure exactly what Magic Alex’s role/purpose other than providing John with drugs and also running any other confidential errands (like liasing with Yoko) that he was too embarassed to ask Mal Evans.

    John was very compartmentalized, he never told any anyone everything. So Pete Shotton never knew about his ongoing affair with Yoko because John didn’t want to lose face to Pete as Pete was living at Kenwood for part of 1967/68 and he had grown to like/respect Cynthia.

    The closest you can get to what really was going on with John in 1967/68 is to read Tony Bramwell’s book as mentioned earlier.

    Yoko and husband Tony could have travelled incognito because no one knew them in India or at the Maharishi retreat except as being that strange Japanese woman.

    Keep looking for that source. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that Yoko and her husband Tony travelled and stalked John in India but John kept quiet because he didn’t want anyone to know he had been having or was having an affair with Yoko and she probably brought drugs as well.

    John wasn’t meditating, he was drugged out again except this time there was heavy duty programming going on by someone (tony ? or tony’s pals?) to ensure that John obeyed Yoko’s every order and to see her as his “mother”. remember John was calling Yoko ‘Mother” aka “master” as of 1968.

    keep on looking for the truth. (and back up your website incase YO’s minions/Tonys pals feel the need to hack your website)


  14. One of the most interesting quotes about John’s love and hate for Yoko is from Tony Bramwell who was interviewed for a 2009 Sept Sunday Times article about the Beatles’ many love interests: Bramwell says:
    “I don’t like the unhappiness she caused. She was horrible…She started out as a stalker…John wanted to avoid her at first. He said, ‘Get rid of the bloody woman!’ But after India, he saw her differently–perhaps filtered thru an exotic mindset.”

    Tony Bramwell (went to school with George Harrison and then started helping Beatles with moving/setting up band equipment along with Mal Evans and Neil Aspinal) has only written one book so far: Magical Mystery Tours

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  15. After I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any manner you’ll be able to take away me from that service? Thanks!


  16. i think the best researched book on the rishikesh story is The Beatles, Drugs, Mysticism & India: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – Transcendental Meditation – Jai Guru Deva OM by Paul Mason
    and i think tony cox and his then wife were on a transcendental meditation teachers course run by maharishi mahesh yogi in majorca during 1971 /2 when john and yoko attempted to kidnap kyoko


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