Open letter to Fred Seaman

Dear Mr. Seaman,

I have decided to write this open letter hoping that you will someday read it, and have the compassion and or the interest to contact me publicly or privately to discuss some of the questions I have.

I have just finished reading for the second time, your book; “The Last Days of John Lennon“. The first time I read it was years ago, long before this blog existed. I was excited to read it again with a refreshed perspective this time around. First thing I have to say is I believe you. I believe your account that you were roughed up (horribly) by Yoko’s men. I believe your testimony that you had the best of intentions in regards to John’s journals and his desire that Julian should have them. I even believe you when you said that the journals were deceitfully taken by a “friend” of yours, never to be returned to you or to Julian, forced to sign documents that were obvious lies regarding your participation. I appreciate your approach to the delicate subject matter of the book. Your admiration and respect for the man that is John Lennon is definitely apparent and shines through in your words throughout your timeless account. As a fan, (even though I realize your and John’s distaste for fans like me) your book hit me on a personal level, it is wonderful to be able to have some kind of insight into those lost (to the public) years of John’s life. So first and foremost, I want to thank you for doing what you did, and getting your book out despite the potential backlash, litigation and threats to your well-being.

I can’t help but get the impression from your memoir that a whole lot of weirdness was going on around this time at and in the Dakota. You open your book with a story about the architectural design of the Dakota building and the numerological significance of its address and the symbolism present in its exterior decor. You mention the flurry of various psychics and tarot cards readers et all coming in and out of the Dakota on a regular basis. You are a bit vague as to whether you yourself believe in all the spell-casting, psychic phenomena etc. but make it quite clear that certainly Yoko and even John sure did believe, and made it a big part of their everyday lives.  Your entire book is written in a way that seems to  illuminate the idea that in hindsight, there were many moments that seemed to point in the direction of a strange premonition or insight into John’s untimely demise. Perhaps it was simply a case of perfect vision in hindsight, but could it possibly be something more?

Many researchers, myself included, in the last three decades plus have questioned the reported events of that evening, and we are all hoping for a bit of insight to either confirm or lay to rest these speculations once and for all. The biggest question I would really appreciate an answer for is what seems to be the complete lack of information about the identity of John and Yoko’s driver.  Every biography, or recollection of the evening in question seems to skip over this particular detail. Who was driving the limo that night? Was it their personal limo, or did they get a ride with someone else? Did the car drop them off in front of the Dakota building, or around the corner? (I have seen reports of both). I realize that in your own account, according to your memoirs,  you were off duty that night, and were not present.  I suspect though that you know the answer to these nagging questions, and I hope that you will be willing to shed some light on the answers.

The last thing I want to do is drudge up old painful memories for you and the rest of John’s enormous fan base, but I truly feel that we owe it to him to look into this conundrum. Perhaps you, like myself and many others feel that something was just not quite right about the evening in question and the atrocities that occurred. Or perhaps I have misconstrued all the various accounts and other research efforts and have it all wrong. Either way, I would like to know.

I feel as though the identity of the limo driver is very important to the overall investigation. The fact that there is little to no information in this respect is concerning to me. The investigation into this crime was cold the minute it was begun. They had their man, he confessed- no further investigation needed according to authorities. Yet, there are quite a few glaring inconsistencies that I feel need to be addressed.  There are only a handful of people still alive that can answer these begging questions. So I beg of you Mr. Seaman, let’s get the truth out there, or at least the information needed to settle the doubt once and for all. Perhaps, with a little luck this letter spoke to you on a higher plane of consciousness and you will consider my thoughts and seeking of truth as a liberation for John and his legacy for the years and generations to come. If something other than what has been reported happened that evening, we owe it to John to know or at least investigate further for the whole truth.

Thank you Fred Seaman for your important part in John’s life and your efforts to keep his legacy alive.

Best wishes and kind regards,


The Number Nine

please feel free to contact me confidentially:


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