The Movement You Need…

This is just a quickie post! I have been ‘turned on’ to a FABulous new movement that I can really understand and appreciate.

Celebrities often support causes and movements- most of the time the causes are worthy, but other times I really could care less about what a celebrity has to say about a particular candidate for example.  Remember Sir Paul McCartney’s Hilary Clinton endorsement…? Ugh. Or his weird rendition of the Mannequin challenge paying homage to “The Black Beatles” that was just… weird. Anyway- I hope that doesn’t seem too harsh.

But today- on social media I saw this:


Please send this out to all my friends in this universe.
love, yoko
Watch the video:
Visit the website:
Use the hashtag: #wearenotafraid

and this:


(Why yes, there are 6 Ringo’s in this image… haha- too perfect.)

Now here is the movement we all need! WE ARE NOT AFRAID! (Is it on our shoulders? Indeed it is!)

part of the reason this particular movement is so FABulous for me, is the high degree of personal synchronicity within it that it holds for me. Most of my readers have probably summized that I am a bit… shall we say weird. But I seem to live in this strange syncronistic parallel universe that Is sometimes called the syncrosphere (I am certainly not alone- there are many others up here too) and this just happens to be a storm of personal synchronicity for me. Too detailed and probably boring to detail here- but nevertheless, here we are, facing this brave new world- together. I just sense that this is important, and I feel compelled to share this with everyone willing to read it! Regardless of the individual motives here behind this movement- the general message speaks loudly to me- don’t be afraid.

“We all fear what we do not understand.” ― Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol

Fear is how “they” control us. They use our fears and our emotions against us- all the time. “They” are doing it right now, and will continue to use this tactic as long as it works in their favor.

I often find in my search for truth and meaning in my life, when I begin to go down a path that leads to fear- that path will quickly turn into anger, and ultimately hate. I have learned to realize that I am usually on the wrong path. Oftentimes, I come to a realization that fears come from not fully understanding whatever it is that is triggering this fear within me.

2017 in numerology is 2+0+1+7 = 10 or 1.

It is the year of beginnings. Rebirth. Renewal.

And it is starting out magnificently!

Will sir Paul join in? I guess we will have to wait and see.

#wearenotafraid so simple. So perfect. Fear not my friends, love is all you need.

Happy New Year!!

House of Wax:



  1. I agree. Fear is a noose….it doesn’t work either.
    So while I agree with that…Yoko and Ringo(our mind control tavi agents) asking us not to fear?hmm….could they be telling us an occult thing too?
    “Not afraid” in the English Ordinal system equals 88. there is our favorite 88 again. Coincidence?
    I say…lets rephrase the sentiment so its in our own words…..:) not there’s 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Take a sad song and make it better”
      I agree wholeheartedly. But once you can see through the veil- the “mind games” are easier to discern.
      If this is some kind of “meme magic” then I say- use it to suit your own devices.
      And the Beatles were right you know- Love is the answer. Truly.
      Thanks truth! Appreciate your insight as always.


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