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Here is a bunch of UN-interesting legal mumbo jumbo, bla blas and wah wah’s.


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All blogs are to be treated as opinions. Some of these opinions may be backed up with factual information- however readers may interpret information provided in a variety of ways. I like to leave many things up to the reader- but once in while you may see an assertion which in turn is to be taken as an opinion on the matter. Not an accusation or threat in any way.

All material presented at this website is in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, ‘fair use’, posted for nonprofit educational and discussion purposes only.


TheNumberNineBlog and it’s administrators reserve the right to  remove any article or user comment at any time without notification to user or author.


I hope you enjoy the blog- bored yet? I am.  Let’s get to the good stuff then, shall we?!


Remember- there is nothing you can know that isn’t known.

Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.

All You Need Is Love My Friends 🙂




  1. Thanks for your Like for the Democracy post. Took me by surprise. I didn’t know you were political. By the way, I just received by copy of Jumping Jack Flash, have you read it?


    1. I have not read it. Let me know if it is worth it!
      I have decided my blog here is much too myopic for the times. I love the Beatles… my favorite subject- but I have decided to launch another sister blog site to talk about all the other very important things happening in the world. (Like politics- and everything else!!) haha. When I do launch it, I will let you know… I hope you will enjoy it.


      1. I have spot checked the Flash book about David Litvinoff. I think you could find it useful since you’re interested in Ward and all that. Not that it has but peripheral interest. The author Pim interviewed an enormous number of people and gets the Kray connection. Who knows what clues may turn up but definitely expands your general knowledge. For instance Lucien Freud who has peripheral interest through Marianne Faithfull was apparently one vicious guy who used the Krays to deal with people he didn’t like. I can’t wait to start it but it will be two or three days before I finish the earliest of the books I’m reading. So many books coming out now.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Desiree. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog; very interesting and informative. I’m really curious about the black and white gif at the very top of this page. Are these guys for real? I’d say body-doubles are standing in (possibly) for George and (especially) for John. It’s hard to tell about Sir Paul. The only one that looks convincing to me is Ringo. It’s difficult to put a date to it; possibly around the White Album or (recording) Let it Be. Do you know where it’s from?

    It’s scary; the conspiracy theorist in me sees body-doubles everywhere I turn.


    1. Hi Tom.
      Thanks for your comment. I believe the gif is from the Yellow Submarine promotional short the Beatles filmed for the end of the animated movie. This would have been 1968.
      I agree with your body-doubles assessment. I think it may be far more prevalent than most even realize across the board. The Beatles had the money and the influence to do pretty much whatever they wanted, especially during this time. It really wouldn’t surprise me in the least.
      Thanks for reading!


  3. Diz: http://reuprindle.blogspot.com/2017/07/a-review-john-pearsons-profession.html

    Here’s an advance copy of my latest. I’m not satisfied with it but I think I’ll run it anyway. This is about 10K words but I’m going to have to rewrite it and develop it up to maybe
    30 or 40K. You’ll notice I touched on your Profumo thing but didn’t take it too far. I’ll have to work up the Rachman bit quite some based on Shirley Green’s biography. But, if you’ve got the time to read it I’d like to have your opinion of the general thesis and layout, any suggestions or criticisms you might have.

    This is going to be more work than I thought


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