More strange days indeed…

I am writing this article without my usual manner of research.  It is just something I have noticed that I want to take note of here.  I feel it is important (although perhaps ridiculous – or maybe not) but I want to get it out there for your consideration.


In the past couple of days, there have been rumors going around the internet that Hillary Clinton has died and has been replaced by a look alike.

I can not help but notice the parallels with this “rumor” and the “Paul is Dead” rumors from 50 years ago.

  • Clinton is reported to have left unexpectedly early attending a 9/11 memorial on the morning of September 11th, 2016, she collapsed and was rushed away by her motorcade.  It is said she died inside the van that picked her up.
  • It is also reported that she “lost her shoe” on the way into the van (this apparently is code for being dead).
  • Later, she is seen leaving her daughter’s New York apartment and announced “I feel great”. Some have said this was actually a double of Clinton.
  • There was even talk of a “special announcement” about her death on the news that was quickly hushed and never reported again….

  • September 11th, 1966 is the rumored date of Paul McCartney’ death in the “Paul is Dead” ongoing saga (Exactly 50 years from the Clinton event).
  • One of the “clues” of Paul McCartney’s supposed death was that he did not wear any shoes on the Abbey Road cover- which is apparently a “code” for being dead.
  • Paul McCartney is rumored to have been replaced by a look-alike
  • Some people have claimed they heard an announcement of a Beatle in a fatal car crash in a special announcement during the pilot episode of “The Monkees” in New York. There was never any follow-up to the story, and remains an anomaly to this day.


I have no idea if this is real or not- probably just another internet death hoax rumor, but I just thought the parallels between the two stories were uncanny, extremely odd and deserved a mention.

A few weeks ago- Sir Paul McCartney endorsed Clinton for President by tweeting “She’s With Me” after a private meeting arranged between Clinton and McCartney. What on earth is going on here???  Strange days indeed my friends.  Strange days indeed.


more here about Sir Paul’s Clinton endorsement

More about “Clinton Is Dead” rumor






  1. Good stuff as always Desiree – my first thought on her appearance from Chelsea’s apartment later on 9/11 was that she looked a bit “off” or different, but chalked it up to her illness or dehydration or whatever it is that she might have. Would it really be too surprising if there were indeed a Clinton double in use? At this stage of the game, nothing would surprise me a this point.


    1. Not surprising to me at all… doubles may indeed be a very well kept secret within the entertainment and political community. We KNOW doubles have been employed by politicians/dictators in the past. Not far fetched at all.
      I was half surprised that she didn’t come out of Chelsea’s apartment wearing a fake mustache though… that would have been the icing on the cake! haha just teasing.
      Interested to see how this all plays out.


  2. I agree with sagesigma although our FedEx delivery man said he fainted at the wheel from dehydration. They gave him two and a half quarts to rehydrate and he said he left the hospital feeling like a million ready to run a marathon. So Hillary’s situation might not be unusual. Hard to believe but then with Hillary a double can operate behind the scenes since Hillary’s talent is not involved. The CFR calls the shots anyway.

    I was fascinated by the similarity between the PID situation and Hillary. The MO in these situations seldom changes so there may be some significance in the similarity.

    Don’t worry about being called a conspiracy theorists, Diz, conspiracies abound.

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  3. Haha not worried about being called a conspiracy theorist at all…
    I kinda like it. And believe you me there is some definite apparent high strangeness circulating this election season….
    But seriously- this was just a weird story with weird Paul is dead parallels that I just found interesting.
    They’re playing those mind games forever….. As John said so many moons ago.
    Thanks for reading!


  4. Diz: Are you familiar with this site:
    Covers a lot the minor players. I’ve read The Wimpole Muse thing but haven’t had time to comment. It’s possible he’s just another researcher not unlike us. The manuscript over the transom sounds suspicious. I’m not that familiar with the Profumo Affair so can’t really comment on that. When he gets into pure research he can be tracked more closely. Over all I would say he’s not more informed than we are.


    1. Interestingly- I was just discussing the spidercat website with another researcher a couple of hours ago…
      the Wimpole Muse article was fascinating to me. I thought you would enjoy it. Profumo may have more to do with a lot of side details of these “oddities” than we realize.
      Thanks for your comments- always good to hear from you.


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