A Day in the Life of Tara Browne

A Day in the Life has been quoted as being a Beatles masterpiece of epic proportions. The closing track of Sgt. Pepper, the song is said to have been influenced by a series of newspaper headlines.  As the story goes, Paul had a “beautiful little lick” as John Lennon describes it in David Sheff’s All We Are Saying Lennon biography, and came up with the rest of the song by looking at the headlines in the papers that day.  Hence, we get “I read the news today oh boy…” and the seemingly random set of verses that follow to make up the whole of the song. Complete with a mesmerizing final E chord, a dog whistle and a very odd ending track loop “never to see any other way” (which in reverse seems to say “we’ll all be magick Supermen”). This track written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney is an instant Beatles classic, and perhaps one of the most coded songs they had ever written.

This song and first verse in particular has long been associated with “Paul is Dead” clues. And while I do not deny the fact that said “clues” are there, or have been interpreted by PID mystery seekers in this way- I find the seemingly endless abyss of this rabbit-hole most fascinating. Particularly when I began to look deeper into the symbolism that John Lennon actually attributed it to- The Hon. Tara Browne; his “untimely death” and his extraordinarily extravagant lifestyle aided by his familial ties to many big names often thrown around in conspiracy circles.


“I read the news today oh boy….”

What is curious about the first verse of A Day in the Life is that since it’s release in 1967, it has been associated with Tara Browne and his subsequent car crash in December 1966. The news blurb from the 17th January 1967 edition of the Daily Mail, that John was inspired to write the verse is quoted as follows by Wikipedia:

Guinness heir Tara Browne’s two children will be brought up by their 56-year-old grandmother, the High Court ruled yesterday. It turned down a plea by their mother, Mrs. Nicky Browne, 24, that she should have them … This, she said, happened after Mr. Browne, 21, from whom she was estranged, had taken them for a holiday in County Wicklow [Ireland] with his mother.

Mrs. Browne began an action for their return in October [1966], naming Mr. Browne and his mother as defendants. The action, held in private, was part way through when Mr. Browne died in a crash in his Lotus Elan car in South Kensington a week before Christmas.

From the Beatles Bible (the Official source for everything Beatles) we get this:

The 17 January 1967 edition of the newspaper reported the coroner’s verdict into the death of Tara Browne, an Irish friend of The Beatles who on 18 December 1966 had driven his Lotus Elan at high speed through a red light in South Kensington, London and into a stationary van.

Browne was the great grandson of the brewer Edward Cecil Guinness and the son of Lord and Lady Oranmore and Browne. He was in line to inherit a £1m fortune upon his 25th birthday, but died at the age of 21.

There is quite a bit of inconsistency in this story, as you will see as we move further. But a lot of the inconsistency is coming from John and Paul themselves. Sure, we can’t hold them accountable for remembering every little detail about how and why their “best Beatles song ever” (according to Rolling Stone) came about, but you would think direct contradictions between John and Paul would not be the case. Yet- that is precisely what is happening here.


Paul McCartney in later years claimed the song had nothing to do with Tara Browne (“The Guinness heir”) at all, and instead was about a politician stoned out of his gourd in a car, and in his daze and confusion simply did not see the lights change (no death, no car accident at all). He just sat there behind the wheel of his car at a stoplight, and when it turned green- remained stopped having not noticed. Now- that is vastly different than the version I had always heard and assumed to be true (the Tara Browne story). Why would a newspaper report a man in his car failing to go on the green light? C’mon Paul, you’re messing with us again aren’t you? If that IS in fact true, then why push the car crash scenario at us in so many Beatles related references all this time? Free As A Bird video..? What was that car crash all about then?

Still from”Free as a Bird” Anthology music video Dec. 1995

More Paul Is Dead clues I suppose. Is he even serious? And why do both John and Paul continue to refer to Tara Browne as “The Guinness Heir”? Albeit he was “the Guinness heir”, but he was a friend of Paul’s and John’s. “The Guinness Heir” just seems so informal when referring to a deceased friend that you are supposed to have cared something for.


The first contradictions:

The verse about the politician blowing his mind out in a car we wrote together. It has been attributed to Tara Browne, the Guinness heir, which I don’t believe is the case, certainly as we were writing it, I was not attributing it to Tara in my head. In John’s head it might have been. In my head I was imagining a politician bombed out on drugs who’d stopped at some traffic lights and didn’t notice that the lights had changed. The ‘blew his mind’ was purely a drugs reference, nothing to do with a car crash.
Paul McCartney
Many Years From Now, Barry Miles

Just as it sounds: I was reading the paper one day and noticed two stories. One was about the Guinness heir who killed himself in a car. That was the main headline story. He died in London in a car crash. On the next page was a story about four thousand potholes in the streets of Blackburn, Lancashire, that needed to be filled. Paul’s contribution was the beautiful little lick in the song, ‘I’d love to turn you on,’ that he’d had floating around in his head and couldn’t use. I thought it was a damn good piece of work.
John Lennon
All We Are Saying, David Sheff
Tara Browne’s short life may have gone completely without regard if Lennon had not written “A Day in the Life” in his memory- immortalizing Browne for eternity.

“Paul rewrites history all the time.” -Philip Norman, McCartney biographer.

I think this is a classic case of precisely what Philip Norman was referring to, long before he wrote Paul’s biography, which was published in 2016. John insisted that Paul only wrote the middle eight of the song, and Paul (after John has passed) claiming they both wrote this verse, and it had nothing to do with a car crash or Tara Browne or anything else that John claimed it to be. Which story is the fabrication here? Perhaps both of them are…. Anyway, moving on.

” About a lucky man who made the grade…”

Tara Browne was a young socialite in the middle of the swinging London scene in the mid 60s. He was the son of “Golden Guinness Girl” Oognah Guinness-Browne, and Lord Ornamore and Browne. He secretly married at the age of 18 to a girl two and a half years his senior, Noreen (Nicky) Macsherry, an Irish farmers daughter that Tara’s mother was not proud of. She made it known her feelings of the marriage publicly, that Tara had married below his status. Tara would soon receive his inheritance upon his 25th birthday. They had two boys together, Before things started looking grim for their continued marriage.

A tentative (and somewhat speculative) timeline:
  • December 1965, Mike McGear [McCartney] wrote in his book; Thank U Very Much that his brother Paul McCartney was with Tara Browne the night Paul crashed his moped, in which he received gashes in his top lip and brow and suffered from a chipped front tooth. paulinjuredMike supposedly took the photograph to the right of Paul’s sustained injuries. The fat lip and chipped tooth are apparent in the Beatles music video for “Paperback Writer” and “Rain”. Which wasn’t filmed until May 1966… Five months after the alleged moped accident.
  • March 1966, Tara Browne holds his 21st birthday party at his family’s estate in Ireland.  200 guests were flown in by private jet. Some of the guests included Mick Jagger, Anita   Pallenburg, John Paul Getty, Brian Jones and Paul McCartney. Lovin’ Spoonful was commissioned to play at the event. It was somewhere around this time that Paul McCartney is said to have taken LSD for the first time. He mentions in his biography that his first LSD experience was in fact with Tara Browne.
  • In June 1966, georgesclub1Tara was in attendance with his wife Nicky to the launch party for Sybilla’s nightclub- an exclusive club smack dab in the middle of the swinging London scene, catering to high level aristocrats, politicians, celebrities and even the occasional gangster type (which controlled the majority of the nightlife scene in the area at this time). The Rolling Stones as well as George, John and Paul with their  wives were also at the opening party.  Sybilla’s has been said to have been owned in part by Tara Browne- although this has not been substantiated. The club has also been said to be owned in part (cited several places as a 10% share) by George Harrison. Both or neither of which may ultimately be true.georgesclub2 But what is substantiated is the club’s namesake, Sybilla Edmonstone, another swinging 60s aristocrat darling, just happened to be the cousin of Camilla (Shant) Parker-Boyles, Dutchess of Cromwell. (This actually makes her also related to Jane Asher, and hence King Richard III of England- Plantagenet and a claim to the Merovingian bloodline.)  Mobsters on the left… Blue Bloods on the right…? Or just an intermixing of young socialites in dire need of a good time?  For more information regarding the very interesting bits of information pieced together of Sybilla’s please visit Beatles conspiracy guru –Beaconfilms2011 blog. He has done a fantastic job of piecing most of this together.
  • October 1966, Tara and Nicky are now estranged. Tara had been seen with numerous companions- including Amanda Lear as well as Suki Portier. taraoctober-14-1966It was during this time that Tara took his boys for a holiday visit to Luggala, Oonagh Guinness’s Gothic estate in the Wicklow mountains in Ireland which they “disappeared” and were never returned to their mother whom was living in Spain.  A long and publicly criticized court battle for divorce and custody ensued, with allegations against Oognah and Tara as defendants. The court case was underway when Tara Browne crashed his lotus Elan in London.

“And though the news was rather sad…..”

  • December 18th, 1966
This is where details get a bit murky (as usual). Here is what we know (kinda) for sure:
  1. Tara Browne and Suki Portier leave in Tara’s lotus Elan.
  2. Tara’s lotus Elan was found crashed into a parked Lorry near the intersection of Redcliffe gardens and Redcliffe square in South Kensington.
  3. Eye witness accounts determine that Suki was on the scene of the crash, as well as a badly injured man at the driver seat. Suki Portier remained relatively unscathed, while there was little hope for The badly injured driver.  Suki would give a statement that proclaimed Tara swerved the car to avoid hitting another car, and turned the vehicle to absorb the impact of the crash and saved her life.
  4. A set of eye witnesses claimed they removed Tara from the vehicle, wrapped his body in some throw rugs, and from there was transported to the hospital.
Some of the alleged variations of the story (in no way complete- there are MANY variations):
  1. According to Marrianne Faithful, Suki Portier and Tara Browne left a party after taking a large amount of LSD. It is not said- but assumed that it was a party for Keith Richards who’s birthday is December 18th.
BEV in front seats, Browne in middle back

2. Some sources have claimed Tara was on his way to meet with an artist team, BEV- Binder, Edwards and Vaughn to discuss plans for a mural for the entrance of his co-owned tailoring shop- Dandie Fashions. Other accounts claim Suki and Tara left a party in search of food. (What, no food at the party they were attending?) Suki herself claimed she and Tara had just left a restaurant.

Browne at driver seat loading into Fraser’s Gallery

The Artist team known as BEV also designed Browne’s painted AC cobra which was displayed in the front window of Robert Fraser’s art gallery, as well as Paul McCartney’s “magic piano” which he still uses in  concerts and performances today. Robert Fraser had much to do with the design of the Sgt. Pepper album cover- allegedly noted as having come up with the idea of the grave site metaphor, the Masonic, OTO and other esoteric allegories on the cover itself.

Image: 56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Interestingly, Tara’s shop was later converted into ‘Apple Tailoring’ in 1968. A business venture of the Beatles and Apple corps which failed and closed in 1969.


3. Tara Browne’s car crashed into the back of a Lorry after failing to see the change of traffic lights. (This seems to stem simply from the lyrics of “A Day in the Life”, there seems to be no involvement of traffic lights in the event).

4. Tara Browne was drag racing (one of his alleged favorite pastimes) on the streets of Kensington going in excess of 100 miles an hour when he lost control and crashed. Some accounts put Paul McCartney at the scene of this drag race as the instigator. Some accounts place Paul McCartney in the passenger seat and/or drivers seat of the Lotus. We saw this version of the story as discussed in my “…like a rolling stone” article. The rest of the crash story was fabricated to cover McCartney’s involvement.

5. Browne died at the scene of the crash.  Browne died a few hours later. Browne died the following day. So was it the 18th? or the 19th? Or when exactly…?

“Well I just had to laugh… I saw the photograph”

Tara Browne’s Lotus Elan after the crash


Another view of the Lotus Elan

“He blew his mind out in a car. He didn’t notice that the lights had changed.”

 More speculation and variations of the story:

There have been several “Paul is Dead” conspiracies that have stemmed from this accident. Some have lead others to believe that Tara BECAME Paul McCartney after Paul McCartney died around this time (or in the car itself). Others have claimed that Tara BECAME Ringo Starr, one of the Beatles doubles, some still have suggested Tara Browne BECAME Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones only to die a few years later in 1969…All of these “theories” may be a bit far out to some readers, but I assure you they indeed exist. I am actually intrigued by the uncanny resemblances between some of Tara Browne’s immediate family members and those of Paul McCartney as well. This site here has done an amazing job lining up comparisons for your consideration, but is of course highly speculative. Nonetheless, very interesting and highly entertaining.


I don’t really go by those particular opinions myself really, but you are free of course to decide for yourself.  Tara was a few years younger than the members of the Beatles, and although he loved music, I have never heard any kind of story (albeit there is not a lot either way) of Tara playing any kind of instrument.  Although his brother Garech Browne is a founding member of The Chieftains- a traditional Irish group and even has his own record label.



Paul McCartney and Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains with the uilleann pipes, recording for “Rainclouds” Tug of War sessions. Photo by Linda McCartney December 9th, 1980 (morning after John Lennon was shot in New York).



With that said- I do think something very odd is at play here.  Something is just not quite right. There are so many inconsistencies within the major details of the story, it makes me raise an eyebrow or two.  Firstly, take a closer look at the photos of the wrecked Lotus Elan. Does that look right to you? Suki Portier was riding in the passenger seat of the vehicle, and received only minor bruises and a case of “serious shock”.  How is that possible given the state of the car? The Steering wheel was bent so severely, it is on the outside drivers side of the car for goodness sakes! But beyond that- look at the interior of the car- the wiring has been pulled out, the dashboard in ruins- how does that happen? How does the front driver side tire stay virtually intact while the fender, roof, hood, door, and dashboard are completely totaled?  Perhaps emergency crews had to cut poor Tara out of the car.  But remember, initial reports have eye-witnesses removing Browne from the wreckage, wrapping him in some throw rugs and taking him to the hospital… so that doesn’t seem to fit the narrative here. Was this photo staged??

“A crowd of people stood and stared”

Secondly, every picture I see of Tara Browne seems to show a different person in my opinion. He never seems to look the same in any two images when comparing side-by-side. Take a look at this collage of various images of Tara Browne and determine for yourself. There are a few years difference between some of the photos, perhaps angles are a factor here, lighting, and age all could contribute to the various “looks” and features of this “beautiful person” of “independent means”. Difficult to detail here, so for now I will leave that as is.



Finally, we have what I believe to be the heart of the mystery here.  Tara’s family lineage and in particular his Mother, Oognah Guinness. Tara Browne comes from a long line of distinguished nobility, aristocrats, businessmen, and bankers that were heavily involved in politics.

“Nobody was really sure if he was from the House of Lords”.

Tara’s father lord Oranmore Browne served in the House of Lords longer than any other person in history, 72 years in total until reformation in 1999 when he lost his seat. Lord Oranmore brown also was a Grenadier Guardsman which was discussed in thenumbernineblog’s I was Lord Kitchener article. Lord Ornamore and Browne and Tara’s Mother; Oonagh Guinness divorced in 1950 when Tara was five years old.

NPG x75249; Dominick Geoffrey Edward Browne, 4th Baron Oranmore and Browne by Bassano
Lord Ornamore and Browne

Lord Oranmore and Browne has his own fair share of fatal accidents and untimely deaths surrounding his family line, as quaintly pointed out in his obituary which can be found here. Also notice in the obituary, it claims Tara Browne crashed into a lamppost when he died… First time I heard that one!!

He also claims lineage from the Templar orders, perhaps a major clue to this is in the Browne family crest.  The Browne Family crest is interesting for its’ masonic symbolism.  The double-headed eagle or Phoenix is associated with the 32nd and 33rd degrees of freemasonry. The family crest is displayed on both Tara Browne’s gravestone as well as his father’s.  Beaconfilms2011 (linked below) has traced the Brownes’ back to Sir Thomas Browne who happened to be the son of Sir Valentine Browne and his wife, Thomasine. Thomasine was the sister of Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord-Keeper of England and loyal servant of Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Nicholas is also the father of Sir Francis Bacon.  Sir Francis Bacon opens up a whole other can of worms- rumored to be the true ghost author of William Shakespeare (a.k.a. “Billy Shears“), the founder of Rosicrucianism, as well as the rumored illegitimate child of Queen Elizabeth I.  Bacon’s mysterious alter-identities has always been a favorite subject of mine, so I was tickled to learn he was indeed related by marriage into the Browne line. Always an interesting avenue for a stroll.


Nice shirt Ringo!

Surprisingly perhaps, Lord Ornamore Browne’s distinguished lineage although fascinating, is not where I found the most interesting tidbits of information pertaining to this case, rather it was Oonagh Guinness and the entire Guinness line that made me pay attention.

First and foremost, the Guinness family doesn’t just brew a deliciously dark stout beer. They are an aristocratic family, a political family, a banking family, and a record-keeping family . The official “Guinness book of world records” was started by Guinness family members, as well as the publication the “Guinness book of Kings, Rulers, and Statesmen”, which lists all important personages from the beginning of recorded history to 1967 and perhaps most curious “The Guinness Book of Espionage“.

Oonagh Guinness

An extraordinarily large family, you would only assume their fair share of scandal and gossip- however the Guinness’s have more than just a few “strange” stories within their lineage. Allegations of spying and being “very good friends” with Hitler and the Nazi regime surround a few members of the Guinness family- (Namely Gloria Guinness and Bryan Guinness and wife Diana- both of the “banking line” of Guinness heirs). Espionage you say??  Well, the Guinnesses wrote the book on that- literally! (haha) A term has even been applied to their legend- “The Guinness family curse.” Great fodder for tabloid and gossip columns particularly during the golden years of the “Golden Guinness Girls” in which Oonagh was a part. Learn more about the various Guinness stories that go back over a century and a half here. Most of the scandals plaguing this family have to do with money… of course. Typically, someone trying to marry or blackmail their way into the family in order to be closer to their vast sums of money. The Guinness family fortune is rumored to be worth over $1.2 billion. Making Tara’s inheritance of $1.3 million seem like a drop in the bucket- however the equivalent of $1.3M in 1966 would be approximately $7.5M in today’s terms. That is a whole lot of money! Oonagh Guinness had her fair share of scandal as well. In “Dangerous Muse: The Life of Lady Caroline Blackwood” by Nancy Schoenberger (Caroline Blackwood was Tara’s cousin- daughter of Maureen Guinness, Oonagh’s sister whom married Lucien Freud- Sigmund Freud’s Great-Grandson – Tavistock connection??) details Oonagh’s divorce battle from her third husband, Miguel Ferreras and accusations of a seemingly lewd act with Tara Browne.  What kind of parties were they throwing here exactly? Yikes.

In case you didn’t catch that- Miguel Ferreras whom Oonagh was married while raising Tara- was using the identity of a dead man as his own! It is claimed, here that Oonagh “had no idea” and this was the reason she cited for divorce. I am calling BS on that! It makes much more sense to me that Oonagh wanted out of the marriage, but did not want Miguel to be able to claim any of her money. She called him out on his fraudulent  identity- and therefore he could make no monetary settlement in the divorce proceedings. Just a hunch, but to me that seems much more likely. Even more curious, with allegations of espionage within the Guinness family just a few years earlier,  finding out that your husband served as a German S.S. under a different identity might cause a bit of concern… don’t you think? In my humble opinion, his identity was well known long prior to even the wedding- this was Oonagh’s easy way out.

I am not usually inclined to make broad assumptions here in my articles, however this time is a bit different. I just have a sneaking suspicion that all is not right here in this story, and I think I have a good guess as to what happened to Tara Browne “the Guinness Heir”. Especially knowing the background of the Guinness family, the Ornamore-Brownes’, their connections and bloodlines and in particular the accusations of espionage held within its ranks. I am speculating that Tara Browne’s death was faked. Most likely it came from an insistence by his mother, Oonagh who never approved of Tara’s marriage, and made this known publicly. At the time of his accident, Tara was in the middle of a divorce and ugly custody battle with Noreen “Nicky” MacSherry. taraandbriancropThere is a good chance that Nicky would have had a claim on some of Tara’s inheritance money in the divorce settlement. Tara did not mention Nicky in his will upon his death.  Weeks after news of Tara’s demise reached the world, it was announced that Grandmother Oonagh had won the right of custody of Tara’s two boys- so there was no claim for any type of child support either. In a way, it resonates with Oonagh’s own relationship and marriage with Miguel Ferreras whom she had divorced a year earlier. The question is, where would Tara have gone into hiding? I don’t have the answer to that, but knowing the vast amounts of funding and advice this lad and his influential mother had it probably would not be that difficult to do.

The coroner who was reported to have overseen Tara’s body after the accident was Donald Teare- who happened to also oversee the Brian Epstein case of “accidental overdose” nearly a year later, Dr. Richard Asher, as well as that of Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee.

According to Wiki; “Together with Keith Simpson and Francis Camps, Teare was one of the “Three Musketeers”, who dealt with almost all the suspicious deaths in the London area.”

Well now, how much could he be bribed for I wonder? hmm   Oddly enough, a search at findmypast.com yielded interesting results in regards to the death records of Tara Browne in December 1966.  The record for the death of Tara Browne, aged 21 is listed for the first quarter of 1967! Is this a mistake? An example of fudged or misrepresented record keeping?  Interestingly, a Percy Browne and Percy JR. is listed right above Tara- and a bit further above still a Lucy, Martin and Mary Browne.  Surely just coincidences right…..?


“I’d love to turn you on….”

Possible homages to Tara Brown via Beatles and Friends:

Tara’s Plastic Skirt By Paul McCartney

How do the Beatles fit in to all this? Again, I don’t have an answer for that- really. We know they were indeed friends, more than mere acquaintances particularly with Paul.Perhaps Paul knew of the perpetuated hoax? Helped out in some way? He does seem to pay homage to Tara in odd ways- such as his painting titled:  “Tara’s Plastic Skirt”   which he admitted to being attributed to Tara Browne.

Released in December, 1966 “A Collection of Beatles Oldies” was released in the UK.img_2619 The cover artwork- very synonymous with the times- features a illustration of a dapper man, and very “high brow” scenes of gallivanting socialites attending parties, dancing, etc. This cover has long been attributed to the likes of Tara Browne as well, although it also has been attributed to the many Paul is Dead “clues” that seem to appear around this time. This could very well be an allegory of Tara Browne’s home in the Wicklow range of Ireland, known as Luggala. It is here that Tara celebrated his 21st birthday with friends such as Paul McCartney, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, and it is here where his remains now reside. The house’s hospitableness was infamous. Friends such as the Rolling Stones, Anjelica Huston, Lucian Freud, Michael Jackson (whos spirit is said to “haunt” the mansion) and Bono of U2 were known to enjoy the extravagant hospitality that a visitor called “exultant, exuberant chaos,”. Guests of the many social gatherings at the estate tell tales of being “ridden around in a Rolls Royce at break-neck speed, dancing and listening to music for days upon end, eating and drinking- you know, as they do. Not only do I see a Rolls Royce in the cover illustration, but also a large winding staircase in which Luggala is known for (amongst other things 😉 )  The single rose (symbolizing Rosicrucian- Tara’s lineage from Sir Francis Bacon?). The following video, is part of a film “I Dremt I Woke Up” by John Hurt. Meant to be witty- it features scenes from inside Luggala, and Tara’s brother Garech, current resident of the estate and his wife Princess Harshad Purna Devi of Morvi. Deathmasks, tombs, temples, and magickal happenings are all involved. I just found it interesting.


In April 1977 a very mysterious and secretive musical project known as “Thrillington” was released- later admitted to being produced by Paul McCartney under yet another pseudonym. It was an instrumental version of RAM, but included interesting liner notes about “Percy Thrillington”.  r-1819403-1330334430-jpegThe Thrillington character was based on a “young socialite” and was released six years after it was initially recorded. In preparation for the release of Thrillington, McCartney invented the fictitious socialite Percy Thrillington, and even took out ads in various UK music papers announcing Thrillington’s so-called comings and goings to generate curiosity and interest. It has been assumed by some that Percy Thrillington was based on Tara Browne.

Percy “Thrills” Thrillington – Browne??

“So we invented it all, Linda and I, and we went around southern Ireland and found a guy in a field, a young farmer, and asked if he minded doing some photographic modelling for us. We wanted to find someone that no one could possibly trace, paid him the going rate, and photographed him in a field, wearing a sweater and then wearing an evening suit. But he never quite looked Percy Thrillington enough.”

Paul McCartney


Lest we forget McCartney’s Magic piano- designed by Binder, Edwards and Vaughn- whom Tara used for the psychedelic paint job on his AC Cobra and the mural designs in front facade of his own fashion shop, that later was acquired by Apple.

Mike McGear (McCartney) mentions his friendship with Tara in his book “Thank U Very Much” which in McGear’s witty writing style tells of some interesting events in Paris with Tara.  It is also mentioned that Paul and Mike have returned to Luggala to visit Tara’s grave site frequently over the years.

Tara Browne’s gravesite near Luggala, Guinness Gothic castle estate in Ireland, next to a structure known as The Temple.
Fukusuke Doll on Sgt. Pepper cover

The Sgt. Pepper album cover has been attributed to a grave and/or memorial for either Tara Browne, Stu Sutcliff, or Paul McCartney.  All or none of which could be the case. However, there is an obvious link here with members of the Beatles and Robert Fraser, who as discussed in other articles on this site (and others) allegedly aided in the concept of the Sgt. Pepper cover- particularly in regards to the masonic and OTO symbolism encoded within. There is also a small traditional Japanese doll adorning the album cover known as a  Fukusuke Doll… (Fuck You Suki?? hmmm)


Keith Richards named his son Tara, after Browne who died in his cot from SIDS a few short weeks after his birth.  Keith has been quoted as being devastated and on the verge of suicide over the event. Tara died on Keith Richard’s birthday in 1966- and allegations remain that Tara had left a party the night of his accident in which was celebrating Richard’s 23rd birthday that evening.

Brian Jones, Nicky Browne, Bill Willis, Talitha Getty, John Paul Getty II and Anita Pallenburg Luggala circa 1966

 “Never to see any other way…”

In conclusion, it is the tangled web of stories such as this that make the Beatles so gosh darn interesting for me. You have this kid- the Hon. Tara Browne who- if really was killed in a car accident- would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the Beatles immortalizing his name. A Day in the Life certainly has veiled references, and can certainly be interpreted in a variety of ways. Was John once again giving us a puzzle to figure out?

Tara Browne with Pan. Paul Howard’s Tara Biography


Whether it is truly about Tara Browne or Paul McCartney (as many have suggested) or a stoned politician sitting in his car we may never really know for sure. Either way, the song is yet another Beatles masterpiece, bookending the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album and one of my all-time favorite songs. In October 2016, a first ever biography of Tara Browne is set to be released.  I will have great joy reading this book, and if an update to this article is warranted, I will surely add any pertinent information with you here.  Once you start falling deeper into one of the 4000 Beatle holes, and you discover such a wide array of inconsistencies, conflicting statements and dates- there is usually more to the story than “officially” presented. At least that’s how I see it anyway. Besides that, all this writing has made me thirsty, perhaps I’ll head down to the pub and order a Guinness, for old times sake and for 09/09 (today’s date). Thanks for reading! Come back soon.



I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to many of my “Beatles Friends” that helped with some of the information as well as a lot of the inspiration and motivation for this article. Specifically (and in no particular order):

RE Prindle  (major motivator)

BeaconFilms2011 (master researcher)

Andrew Campbell (records finder)

Stephen Lennon (all-knowledgeable mastermind)

Guy Bearman (fact checker/ inspirational idea bringer)

Liz Grandel (the inspirational light)

Dr. Tomoculus (prescribes the good stuff)

Spidercat (Tara Browne expert fact collector)

… and a lot of others I am sure I missed, you know who you are. Thank you for your continued support, thoughts and ideas!!  You are my inspiration and motivation. Happy 9/9 day!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on Tara Browne, and in particular your critiques and/or suggestions of the material provided. I hope you enjoyed it. More to come soon.

…To be continued…



  1. Very interesting stuff Desiree – great research as always. I was re-watching the Macca film Broad Street and noticed “the Temple” style object a few times in the film. Not sure what that ultimately means, but the inclusion in the film seems like it was intended. Has there been any discussion of the Temple in way of the PID mythos?


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