The Continuing Curious Case of James Paul McCartney

The Paul Is Dead Mythology(?) tale has been told and retold countless times over the decades. Working in what I call a “Fringe” field of Beatles/conspiracy study, I have become well acquainted with the Paul is Dead- or PID for short- community for quite some time. There are some very well educated, knowledgeable researchers continually seeking the search for answers in the online research and study community.  I applaud them for their passion, dedication and efforts. Their combined efforts have really shed a light on the Paul Is Dead enigma, and while they don’t always agree on minute details- the overall intrigue and inspiration flows like endless rain into a paper cup. Two of which researchers that I consider to be on top of the modern Paul Is Dead (PID) research arena would have to be Clare Kuehn and Tina Foster. Do be sure to check out their blogs for more information of their current research and views regarding PID. (Their blogs are linked)

I am not going to discuss Paul Is Dead 101 details in this article because that as I mentioned, has been done countless times by countless researchers.  If you are completely unfamiliar with this epic tale of monstrous proportions, I suggest checking here and here for the basic and official “PID” 101 narrative and original rumor information for a basis of the rest of this article. Thenumbernineblog has touched on the PID theme numerous times, and so I felt it is high time to include a bit about the history and the various evolutions this conspiracy theory has revealed to us over the past five decades. Particularly since most PID researchers point to the autumn of 1966 as being the last days of the original James Paul McCartney- then this year; 2016-would be a “golden” anniversary of one of the biggest cover-ups in history taking place, along with the long nearly forgotten anniversary of the death of the original Mr. James Paul McCartney.


The PID study and modern theory has evolved in major ways since the original “rumor” broke in 1969. The advancement of technology, and most importantly our ease of communication in this modern world has allowed the community to grow extensively, sharing information, tossing around hypotheses and the scrutiny of photographic records forensically. Some have hypothesized several motives for the murder and subsequent replacement of JPM, as will be discussed, as well as some other possible motives for the cover-up.

*Please note: for clarity when discussing this sometimes confusing scenario; I will designate the title “JPM” pertaining to the Paul McCartney of pre-66 and “Sir Paul” to the Paul McCartney post-66. I try not to use the name “Faul” as the alleged replacement is often referred, since I try to come from a neutral perspective. But enough of that- let’s get to the good stuff!





Possible modes and motivations for the death of JPM


The accidental death by car crash is the original theory. Completely plausible, and definitely intriguing however romanticized- according to this theory- Paul was driving too fast on the highway after leaving Abbey Road Studios late one rainy evening, crashed his Aston Martin and lost his life. In order to keep the cash rolling in and to not devastate his sensitive fans,  it was decided to replace JPM with a look-alike.  This was an accidental death scenario, and allegedly agreed upon by all remaining Beatles and administration.



This scenario goes in a couple different directions. Some claim that JPM was not a willing participant once he realized the plans of the “NWO” (New World Order) to manipulate the minds of the generation through the Beatles mass audience influence. He was unwilling to promote drug use, or use propaganda to cause a paradigm shift to NWO favor. Therefore, he was taken out by British and/or US Intelligence and replaced by a person who would be much more willing to conform. The death and replacement of JPM was to serve as a warning for others in the industry.

lane13n-3-webThere is also a very real issue surrounding Paul’s inquiry into the assassination and cover-up of JFK. In 1966, there is written record of JPM offering his services to provide a soundtrack to Mark Lane’s film, “Rush to Judgement” free of charge! The UK film (and earlier book by Lane) was one of the first to question the CIA involvement in the JFK assassination.   Officially, the offer was ultimately turned down  by Lane to the disappointment of JPM. Rush to Judgement was a No. 1 Bestseller, and though a few minor articles and paperbacks were released on the subject earlier than Lane’s, “Rush to Judgement” was the first major piece to  criticize the Warren Commission and their investigations into JFK’s murder. The theory contends that JPM got a bit too close for comfort regarding the truth of the death of JFK, and hence was taken out by the CIA in order to silence his efforts.  How much bigger would the film have been in 1966 had Paul McCartney the Beatle lent his talents? Why would Mark Lane deny such a generous offer?


The Beatles had numerous death threats as discussed in other articles on Thenumbernineblog. One such threat was a pretty serious one by the KKK during the Beatles final tour in the US. On the 19th of August 1966, the Beatles were playing at Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis Tennessee, just a few weeks after John Lennon’s infamous comments regarding Christianity.




The Beatles did play that evening in Memphis, but it was more than a wake up call for the boys with several threats against their lives, protests and demonstrations held at the venue and a “cherry bomb” thrown at them during their evening performance (which they thought was a gunshot). John said this in 1974 about that concert;

“One night on a show in the South somewhere somebody let off a firecracker while we were on stage. There had been threats to shoot us, the Klan were burning Beatle records outside and a lot of the crew-cut kids were joining in with them. Somebody let off a firecracker and every one of us – I think it’s on film – look at each other, because each thought it was the other that had been shot. It was that bad.”
John Lennon, 1974
The theory contends (with slight variations) that sometime after this concert, the KKK did finally catch up with the Beatles entourage- and proceeded to kidnap Brian Epstein and JPM. Their bodies were found some days later, both murdered in grotesque fashion. Again, in order to keep the cash flow and save face- the Beatles decided to replace both Epstein and McCartney with look-alikes. Epstein would proceed to “take his life” (or a faked death) a few months later- where Sir Paul has kept up the charade ever since.

2015-11-23-1448304430-4297801-kraytwins-thumbIt has been rumored by several sources that the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein had been threatened by London’s notorious gangsters- the Kray Twins, Ronnie and Reggie Kray. Epstein had allegedly racked up a significant amount of gambling debt in one or more of the casinos protected by the Kray twins. The Mob in general is no stranger to fronting entertainers (for example- Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland) and it has been said that the Twins sought to reconcile Epstein’s debt for a chunk of the Beatles massive income. As far as we know, the Kray’s never received any income from the Beatles successes, (it could have been covered up as well- or laundered in other ways) but we do know that Sir Paul’s friend Robert Frasier was in a similar situation as Epstein, owing a large debt to the London gangsters. Could the murder of Paul McCartney served as a warning to Epstein and Frasier to “pay or else”? When Epstein still refused to pay (and replaced Paul as a haha- gotcha fellas type scenario) was Epstein then “suicided” as payment? It has also been rumored that the Kray twins may have been responsible for the death of Tara Browne- and that JPM was a witness to the murder, making him a target for a silencing. The Kray Twins served a life sentence in prison for their heinous crimes, both have since died serving their sentence. This scenario would oversee the replacement of JPM with a man who was a bit more friendly with the Mob, and easily manipulated to earn for the crime lords.



One very sinister theory holds that JPM was killed as a ritual sacrifice by members of a satanic cult. The imposter was imposed upon the band, using forms of hypnotism and the power of suggestion to undermine the charisma of the band, With the ultimate goal to make them break up. This theory also involves the “placement” of Yoko Ono as Lennon’s handler, making the new Sir Paul in full control of the direction the band was taking post Revolver.  This theory also involves the mass manipulation and MKUltra-type programming that may have taken place during the post-66 Beatles legacy.  The following is a well-done yet low-budget film posted a few months back by “Haven Films” that in my opinion does a great job highlighting some of the “weirdness” surrounding this time period and the curious case of Paul McCartney. The film also touches upon the highly suggestive influences surrounding McCartney at this time and allusions to some of the conspirators involved. Grab your popcorn and your Beatlejuice and watch this fascinating short film.



All these scenarios are of course speculation. Most have come to light only after years have passed from the original conflict or situation. They were relatively unknown at the time of the original rumor going viral in 1969. These are all real threats, and leave us with a vague idea of what may or may not have happened to the man we knew as James Paul McCartney.  Personally, I remain on the fence as to the entire concept of “Paul is Dead”. I am not going to dismiss it outright, but I am not going to accept the possibility fully either- at least at this point in time.  There are definitely some suspicious and nefarious persons of interest surrounding Paul McCartney during the time period of Fall 1966, and some riveting, unexplained questions. The ever-changing look of Paul McCartney makes it that more difficult to discern between possible “replacement(s)”, the use of doubles while on tour, and/or look alike/bodyguards that he may or may not have used during Sir Paul’s 50+ year reign over the industry. The motivations for murder were undoubtedly there, from several different sources of conflict.  It is up to you, if interested, to look into all of these and other scenarios and determine for yourself what makes sense. We may never have all the answers, but first we must have some hard questions in tow before hope of any answer coming forth.   Question everything! always.  And even if you receive an answer to that question, question again.  The truth is there- somewhere. We may just need to ask the right questions.

… to be continued…



  1. Also neither saying yea or nay, following your pro argument it is quite possible that McCartney was the first in the line of rock and roll assassinations that occurred during the revolutionary period from say 1966 to 1970, maybe Lennon in ’80 or so. The rock groups were feared for many reasons including corruption of the youth.

    While I have never considered the Beatles as revolutionary the Stones certainly were. So from the governmental side the Beatles would have been revolutionary too. Post-1966 Lennon-Ono certainly were. And the Jesus thing certainly pissed a lot of people off.

    If a replacement were successful that would be one of the more remarkable things of our times.


    1. Yes a imposter took ovr a definite change in beatles an Paul was so different, we now know this faul as billy, he is not as good as real Paul, but I suppose he help make lot of money for UK,


  2. I think they have the capability. The authorities were getting real antsy about 1966. If one considered an assassination of McCartney the first shot across the bow, then the Stones bust would have been the second. That was intended to sink the Stones. It netted convictions and actual jail sentences against Jagger, Fraser and Richards with Jones barely escaping. Oldham fled the country. The band was probably saved by the actions of Klein who was after the money and kept his head.

    Instead of folding Jagger doubled down and did his Satanist act in Rock n’ Roll Circus that may have been considered too strong so the movie was shelved. The other assassinations followed. The Who released Next, perhaps Next?, with them pissing on the monolith. Shortly thereafter Jagger buckled and started singing I’m just a singer in a Rock and Roll band while going full femme and riding a dick in concert.

    True or not it would make a good novel, wouldn’t it? You can work in Anger’s Satanist movies involving Jagger and Faithfull. The period requires work.


  3. What do you make of the Beatles playing around with the idea of a dead McCartney as in the picture above. Wishful thinking? A real split in the band occurred before PID affair. McCartney was considered too pushy while probably competing with Lennon for control of the Band. Then the Klein-Eastman split. Too many drugs and a loss of mental control could result in anything.


    1. There does seem to be a large personality shift in both Paul and John in this era. Mostly though with Paul. Many die-hard PIDers will argue that the push for control of the band didn’t happen until after the replacement Paul came onto the scene. Same obviously with the Klein-Eastman argument.
      Personally, I think Paul just got sick of it all- tired of the routine. Hired someone else to do most of the work (a double) while he simply did… Anything else. But- again just my perspective.
      Interesting you mentioned the monolith… Hmm 🙂


      1. And the stones were the perfect contrast to the Beatles. The stones were the dark to the Beatles light. The Beatles could do no wrong, and the stones could do no right. John and Yoko were in that Rick and roll circus too as I’m sure you’re aware.
        Seems as though they created a duality in the public eye- but in reality they were not really all that different. Cut from the same cloth.


    2. I wouldn’t call it wishful thinking as much as predictive programming?
      I dunno- it’s a “Beatles mystery” and precisely the reason I used that as the header image for this post 🙂


    3. Hi Reprindle, There was no split prior to PID. JPM may have voiced his concern that the band was going in the wrong direction re the drug/consciousness agenda, but it’s clear they were still a strong unit. JPM wasn’t pushy at all. Bill took over leadership of the band as a condition of dedicating his life to being JPM. Have you watched The Walrus? I think it’s the best work in the PID arena.


    4. Hi Reprindle, There was no split prior to PID. JPM may have voiced his concern that the band was going in the wrong direction re the drug/consciousness agenda, but it’s clear they were still a strong unit. JPM wasn’t pushy at all. Bill took over leadership of the band as a condition of dedicating his life to being JPM. Have you watched The Walrus? I think it’s the best work in the PID arena.


  4. I first went to England in ’72, I think, and I was amazed at the revolutionary graffiti on the overpasses and walls that coupled the revolution with the Stones. The Stones were truly the bad boys. Jagger was a Commie while being closely associated with the revos. Apparently the Stones, Beatles, Who and a few others were very closely knit, so that they would be considered a conspiracy by the Government. Remember that the Intelligence outfit considered their gig The Circus. ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’ is mocking the Queen while pitting themselves her opposite equal; Rock And Roll Circus pits the Stones against MI5. So, these lads were really playing with fire. And then Hendrix, The Doors. Jefferson Airplane and Starship et al. While I didn’t take them seriously at the time looking back I guess I can understand why the authorities dogged my steps so closely as a major store owner. Tsk, tsk, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Looking for trouble.


  5. Apropos Paul hiring a double and retiring. There can’t be two Paul McCartney’s running around. Plus he would have to renounce everyone he knew. You couldn’t keep them all quiet if they knew. If he hired a lifetime double then he would have to assume another identity and go around apologizing for looking like himself. You know, go off to Africa and run guns like Baudelaire.

    While anything in this scenario is possible I think a lifetime double is the least likely. It seems to me that it would be impossible to do. But what happened to the headless body of the car wreck. Did the head disappear? Is it out there somewhere pickled in a jar? Paul McCartney’s brain sitting there next to Hitler’s singing Yesterday in two part harmony?

    There are possibilities here for a really great story.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Interesting … I’ve been at it for a few months, so I instantly recognized the photos you ran down the left side as Mike McCartney, the twin. I can tell because even as five-year olds, Mike had a cowlick on his right side, forcing the part you see in all of these photos. There are other differences (they are, I think, fraternal twins). PAul’s hair parts on the left. Paul’s eyes are droopier too, and his eyebrows wrap around and down to the side. He has different teeth, including one that has receded due to a small palate, making him appear at times to be missing a tooth.

    MIke and Paul would interchange, but it appears around 1990 Paul was retired, and Mike became permanent Macco.

    If you go Googling this you’ll find two,wild cards:'”Mike McGear,” a complete stranger who was hired to be Paul’s brother so Mike could step out of his life. He does not even remotely resemble a McCartney. The other is Jane Asher. She was a beard, hired to date both of them in public to seal the illusion. I dare you find me an Asher/McCartney photograph where she looks interested in him.


      1. Intelligence loves twins, as they offer flexibility. If one is sick the other appears. If one gets unruly, the other takes over. In this case, Paul was cute and loveable and did most of the interviews, playful and all that. MIke was a better musician. After they quit performing in public, “Paul,” who was Mike, mostly appeared behind a piano, as he is right-handed.

        But the Beatles did not just happen. They were selected, trained in Hamburg, groomed, and set on the world stage as young men who just happened to get together. They were never that. They were a psy-op from the beginning.


      2. I have a photo of the Beatles in 1963 in Sweden, and it is clearly Mike, not Paul. It was Paul in Hard Day’s Night,mbut after the opening dart board scene in Help!, it was Mike. The “switch” was in from the beginning.


  7. I don’t hear anybody mentioning Mark Lewisohn who has researched and written 1500 pages on the group and individuals up to 1962. The second part isn’t due until 2020. Highly detailed.

    What is the purpose of Intelligence creating the Beatles?

    Diz: Can McCartney be placed in LA in 1969. A probable connection through Fraser can be worked out in which McCartney might have been aware of Manson’s existence but he would have to be in LA in ’69.


  8. I am ashamed to admit that I have not read Lewison’s book yet, but I hear it is a doozy and well worth the read! I am excited to dig into it very soon.
    Working on the 1969 Los Angeles connection, I am sure it is there- but need a solid reference. Paul knew many musicians and connections living in the LA area, including Derek Taylor. Is there a particular timeframe within 1969 that you are looking for? He was married in March that year, and honeymooned in the US for some time afterwards, but a lot of time was spent recording Abbey Road in London through most of the middle third of the year.


  9. The possibility I’m considering leads through Fraser to his Satanic connections to the Process, Anger and LaVey. They are all centered in LA at the time and at least the Process leads directly to Manson who appears to be a significant figure with them. Plus he may have met LaVey in SF. He was an active little guy.

    If McCartney was in LA at the time it is possible the Process would have directed him toward Manson or Manson might have gained access through them and taken him to the Ranch. I recently saw a picture of McCartney and Manson supposedly together at the Ranch but I foolishly failed to make a copy, so I can’t be sure if it was authentic or not.


  10. Not to be disrespectful but I believe this is another thread that is leading people astray down a never ending rabbit hole. not to be disrespectful but I believe this is another thread that is leading people astray down a never ending rabbit hole The fact of the matter is that almost every entertainer that is famous that you know that is popular has been replaced . Paul McCartney is a character based on a real person . So were all the Beatles they were all replaced and I can prove it . Each incarnation of each beetle only lasted one year that’s how many times they were replaced even in there solo career’s have you never noticed they all look different every year ? Doppelgängers are a sad fact in the music industry because they hate original talent and they want to develop it as their own plus doubles are a necessity due to grilling schedules and infighting and contract disputes also they don’t have to pay the doppelgänger as much money .I have amassed a collection of entertainers with the famous false teeth mold that they put into their mouth you cannot have a doppelgänger without the correct set of teeth or they will look stupid and everyone will know it’s a fake . Look on Google images if you don’t believe me look at any given year of your favorite entertainer and look at the bottom teeth . There will be a line across the bottom of the teeth and I am not talking about a retainer . All most all famous celebrities that have been replaced have this on their bottom teeth everyone from Whitney Houston , David Lee Roth , Eddie Van Halen , Al Pacino , Olivia Newton-John , Elton John , all of the Beatles and I could go on and on for literally thousands of them we live in a created matrix sick in sane people Control Hollywood that is a known fact… people wake up from your daydream !quit believing in these rabbit holes and accept reality… you have been duped .


    1. Question:

      How can we trust a cunt who spells “doppelgänger” with an umlaut
      over the vowel “a”?


      We can’t.

      Why not?

      Because a cunt is a cunt.

      “Each incarnation of each beetle only lasted one year…..”




      1. There is really no need for name calling. Everyone has a right to their opinions and thoughts. THINK for yourself while it is still legal to do so. Belittling and degrading others for voicing their thoughts does not help anything- in fact, usually it cements the idea that since you have taken such offense to what someone else said, that they are on the right track- otherwise you wouldn’t care about such a nonsense topic in the first place. Just food for thought.
        Just remember- all you need is love my friends.


    2. ” All most all famous celebrities that have been replaced have this on their bottom teeth everyone from Whitney Houston , David Lee Roth , Eddie Van Halen , Al Pacino , Olivia Newton-John , Elton John , all of the Beatles and I could go on and on for literally thousands of them we live in a created matrix sick in sane people..”

      Sick insane people?

      And you’re one of them. You wacko!


      1. You have no idea what you are talking about and you haven’t been associated with the music industry at all. With a brain like yours you must be a little simple person who holds a common dead end job or is unemployed. People like you are afraid of the truth or you try to discredit people who come out with the truth .by the way tell your mom I said hey


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