The Beatle Mysteries, Sgt Pepper, and Solar Worship: An Interview with the Number Nine Site

A fellow fringe blogger SageSigma unbound was kind enough to ask me some questions regarding my ramblings about the Beatles Mysteries. I had a lot of fun doing this interview. SageSigma Unbound has a lot of very interesting information on his site as well. Do be sure to stop by and enjoy all the brain candy he has to offer there.
I hope we get the chance to collaborate on some projects in the near future!

as always, I appreciate any comments, feedback and criticism on this interview, and all my articles on TheNumberNineBlog. Thank you for stopping by!

Sagesigma Unbound


After posting a few articles on the enigma that is Paul McCartney on this site, quite a few people reached out to me with some ideas and articles regarding the construct that is Faul. One researcher who had a passion for the search of the truth, Desiree, has been studying the larger idea of the Beatles’ Mysteries for a number of years; the idea that the Fab Four from Liverpool were more than a seminal rock band from the 1960’s.  Her fantastic website, The Number Nine Blog, has done extensive work analyzing the rich symbolism of the Beatles’ records, films, and lyrics, and speculated on the possible occult origins of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  In this interview, we discuss Egyptian Solar Worship, possible military industrial Beatles’s connections, and of course, Aleister Crowley and the work of Thelema.

This interview was concluded on June 27, 2016.

Q: Thank you Desiree, for…

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