The Greatest Enigma Part III

We have seen in other blog posts on this site many references to the ancient mystery schools, and ties to ancient Egypt.  There are also strong ties to Greece within the Beatles legend via Apollo (more tuned to the frequency of Paul McCartney than the other 3) even within the Beatles choices to spend holidays, we see an admiration for Greece.  Should we add Freemasonry to that list as well?  I believe we can, the Sgt. Pepper album cover scene from my perspective seems very much a nod to Freemasonry and the higher echelons/Orders of Masonic philosophy and historical symbolism. Were the Beatles actually Freemasons?  I am not so sure. When would they have had time to be initiated into the higher orders? Perhaps they were telling the viewer something in relation symbolically. Did Paul McCartney have an occult symbolic death and rebirth? Or was it a not-so-symbolic Death and rebirth- but the installation of a “new” Paul McCartney aka The ReplAcement?  Is this the story they are trying to tell us? Were they born to do this? Bred, raised and molded into the pop icons of mass popularity, influence and dynamics that are The Beatles?? Were they simply trying to warn us of the nature of the Powers That Be? Will we ever truly know?
Interestingly, during the third degree “master mason” ceremony, a Masonic initiate symbolically dies and is “risen” by his fellow brothers of the craft (also Master Masons).  This is symbolic of the first Grand Master Mason (according to Masonic legend) Hiram Abiff and his assassination during the building of Solomon’s temple. Are we seeing a symbolic death/ascension/rebirth here ala Hiram Abiff/Paul McCartney?  I am not so sure yet. However, for your viewing pleasure, and consideration a tracing board for the Third Degree of Masonry is pictured below.
Released in 1988 on Compact Disc was the Beatles Compilation album Past Masters.  The Double disc album had a total of 33 tracks, and had a black/white motif. It was digitally remastered and released again on 09/09/09 along with other Beatles releases on the same date. In Masonic tradition, a Past Master Mason was formerly Worshipful Grand Master of the lodge.

If the Beatles were Freemasons, surely there would be more clues other than just Sgt. Pepper?  I leave you in conclusion with a few more images. These images are up to interpretation, but in my point of view all display Masonic symbolism in one form or another, and range in dates from 1960 forward. As always, I sincerely encourage your thoughts, comments and criticisms.
…. To Be Continued …

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