Flaming Apple Pye in the Sky- Part 2

19I hope you are all feeling patriotic after reading Part One of this Flaming Pye blog. You may be thinking at this point- what does all this have to do with Flaming Pyes? Or Apples? Or the Beatles for that matter? Well- let’s get right into that shall we?

As Mentioned in the previous post, Petula Clark CBE as a young girl, entertained the British troops and was coined “Shirley Temple of the UK”. She also had her very own record label Polygon records – designed solely for the control of her publishing rights by her father, who also published several of Marlene Dietrich’s songs which were used for psychological warfare against German troops, and whom is suspected to be a double-agent.  Polygon records eventually merged with Dixa records to become Pye records in 1955….. Phew!



Pye records Info via Discogs:


Pye Records was a British record label whose best known artist was Petula Clark, who recorded for the label from 1957 through 1971. The Pye Company originally sold televisions and radios and entered the record business when it bought Nixa Records in 1953. In 1955, Pye acquired Polygon Records, a label that had been established by Clark’s father to control distribution of her recordings, and merged it with Nixa Records to form Pye Nixa Records. In 1959, the name was changed to Pye Records and ATV acquired 50% of the label. ATV bought the other half of the business in 1966. Two subsidiaries were created during the sixties: Pye Golden Guinea Records and Piccadilly. They were replaced by Dawn Records (2) in the seventies. Pye also had several series and sub-labels, such as Pye International and Pye Jazz.

As of September 1980 the rights to the name Pye expired and the label was renamed to PRT Records.

Blueprint (2), Calibre, Calibre + Plus!, Century 21 Records, Dawn Records (2), Disco Demand, Disco Duplex, Discovatin, Golden Guinea Collector Series, Golden Guinea Popular Series, Golden Hour, Goldengroove, Hammer Records (2), Jazz Today Series, Marble Arch Records, Mini Monster, Piccadilly, Precision (2), Precision Tapes Ltd., Pye Big Deal, Pye Golden Guinea Records, Pye International, Pye Jazz, Pye Records Special, Pye Sacred Series, Pye Special, The File Series, Top Brass Series, Virtuoso (2)
Parent Label:
Pye Records Ltd.



I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Pye Records was a product of the British Intelligence system designed originally as psychological warfare to combat enemy troops during WWII- (I think this is a very safe assumption given the details outlined here). After the war- the focus turned from the enemy to the masses. I suppose the question to ask would be why the same music used in part as psychological warfare against enemy troops in WWII was now being mass produced for sale on the American market? Commerical music at this time was all the rage.  People could not get enough of their favorite artists. Radio stations played the new hits over and over and over and over and over… Call it what you want- dismiss it if you must. But there is something important to understand here. Music can be used as a weapon on the mind.  Music can have profound effects on the psyche especially when combined with visual stimuli (ie. Television) . The way certain musicians and/or actors, artists etc. are portrayed to the public can have a massive effect upon the human consciousness and psyche. The entertainment industry knows this- they invented the “pop-star” idol image. One popular musician (or four) can gain a lot of power with the people simply by having a few ‘hits’ on the top Billboard Chart and gaining the admiration and ultimately, for some, the outright worship from the masses.  In turn, it was also a great way for Britain to pay off some of its debts from the massively expensive and damaging effects of WWII.


Pye Records had many British artists printed onto vinyl from their inception. Many of these artists have been associated with the occult, secret societies, or both. Interesting to note here, are the various sub-labels Pye has used for publishing over the years. Particularly these:

Dawn Records, Golden Guinea Collector Series, Golden Guinea Popular Series, Golden Hour, Goldengroove,  Pye Golden Guinea Records, Pye Sacred Series.

I am noticing a lot of “Golden” and “dawn” used in their sub-labels. How about you? Curious because The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is a secret society very much ‘alive and well’ during the World Wars. It has also been mentioned countless times, by countless celebrities and musicians either symbolically or sometimes blatantly throughout the 20th century and beyond.


Ciara in “Super Turnt Up” Music Video

I am not going to get into the various details regarding The Golden Dawn and its’ elite members in this blog.  There is a lot of information on the internet available to you- but beware of fear-based negligent and degrading articles and information regarding this order- a lot of mis/dis information does exist- mainly (in my opinion) due to the deeply planted roots within the British and American government (as well as others). The only fact that you really need to know to continue the stream of this particular blog is that Golden Dawn had a notorious member: Mr. Aleister Crowley; whom we have covered many times over in the numbernineblog. So this, my friends is important. Some further info on the Golden Dawn and it’s influence on modern pop culture here.



Aleister Crowley- notorious member of The Golden Dawn was also a British Spy.  So many spies so little time!

A wonderful piece of information detailing accounts of Crowley’s work for British Intelligence has been laid out in this book by Richard Spence:

Secret agent 666 By Robert B. Spence

According to Spence:

During World War II, Crowley became editor of a pro-German magazine called The Fatherland, in which he published incendiary, anti-British articles. He later claimed that these writings were so absurd and outlandish that they ultimately helped the cause of the British. Crowley also proposed many ideas to help the allies, most of which were rejected. One of them, while initially dismissed, was later implemented. This involved dropping occult pamphlets on the German countryside that predicted dire outcome for the war and depicted Nazi leadership as Satanic. His expertise in communications, propaganda and the management of public opinion would be used to make his Thelema a major force in today’s popular culture.”

A document from the U.S. Army’s old Military Intelligence Division supporting Crowley’s own claim to having been a spy:

“Aleister Crowley was an employee of the British Government … in this country on official business of which the British Consul, New York City has full cognizance” [13. Richard A. Spence quoting a U.S. military document, Secret Agent 666]


Curious how we keep coming back to people on the Sgt. Pepper cover, and their association with espionage and intelligence work for one or more world governments… this should really come as no surprise though. These simple truths have been noted by Beatlemaniacs and historians for decades now.   Here, we can neatly tie secret societies (namely the Golden Dawn), military intelligence, and celebrity entertainers all together into one cute little package.   Isn’t it sweet? Aww. Still not convinced they are all related? Take a moment to inform yourself about some various secret operations of this era- like “Operation Mistletoe” for example.  There is no shortage of information out there regarding the complicity of the occult, military intelligence and their hired celebrity propagators.

Back to Pye records- after eternally stamping the sounds of Petula Clark and Marlene Dietrich (and a host of other musical warfare acts) onto vinyl albums, and the war completed- Pye records shipped up and shipped out overseas becoming Pye International. Now Americans also could enjoy the psychological warfare of the second world war in the comfort of their own homes! To be fair, the practice was not just coming from the British side. The US had their very own programs developing since wartime as well. Thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dave McGowan and his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, we now have a pretty good picture of how the Laurel Canyon musicians of the mid-60s were prepped and primed by their military officer parents. Do read his book if you have not already.

WWII was well over by this time, and Petula Clark had moved on from cute curly-haired kid ‘with a voice like chapel bells’ to a smokin hot blonde with quite a few big hits.  Remember she was not only dubbed “The Shirley Temple of the UK” as a child- but once the 1960’s rolled around she was on the frontlines of the British Invasion. Coined “The First Lady of the British Invasion.” And she brought along with her many “soldiers” from the Pye Label.

Other notable artists on Pye records are:

David Bowie


The Kinks

John Paul Jones

Franky Vaughn

Klaus Voorman

Denny Laine

Davy Jones


Jimmy Nicol

Billy Shepard and the Ranch Hands

Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots

Even  John Lennon’s father; Freddie Lennon recorded a few tracks in 1966 on Pye Records. Wasn’t he in the military as well? Hmm. Nothing to see here. Moving on…..

Freddie Lennon That’s My Life Single 1966

ATV publishing owned 50% shares of the Pye Records labeling company in 1955.  By 1966- they purchased the other 50%.  ATV Publishing now had full control over the publishing and distribution  of Pye records.  My, My 1966 was a very big year. (Many ‘Beatles Mysteries/PID’ enthusiasts will contend).



The British Shirley Temple Welcomes the Rolling Stones to the British Invasion



ATV also owned Northern Songs- The Beatles publishing company as well. ATV is the world’s largest music publishing company, encompassing thousands of artists and copyrighted material.

In 1985, Michael Jackson will make a bid on ATV’s entire catalog- (not just the Beatles copyrights as so many are lead to believe). This encompasses nearly all the entire British Invasion artists. Not sure how pleased certain individuals or interest groups were about this “takeover”, but soon after- Mr. Michael Jackson’s troubles began.

MJSlice of Apple Pye anyone?

Well, I had a vision when I was twelve. And I saw a man on a flaming pie, and he said, ‘You are the Beatles with an A.’ And so we are.” -John Lennon”



“Apple Pie Bed” by John Lennon



Have you ever noticed that on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper album the Beatles are dressed in military fatigues? Albeit dang fancy ones- but in British military style nonetheless.  Well of course you have.


Have you ever considered that the “people” gathered there behind them may actually be there to “entertain” the Beatles- rather than the other way ’round?


In 1976 a curious film titled “All This and WWII” was produced as a musical documentary that juxtaposes Beatles songs, performed by a number of musicians, with World War II Ike-Tina-Album-All-This-And-World-War-II-01_zps1eeef8banewsreel footage and 20th Century Fox films from the 1940s. It lasted two weeks in cinemas. The film featured clips of the Army of the Third Reich, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Milton Berle, Humphrey Bogart, Richard Burton, Neville Chamberlain, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Clark Gable, Adolf Hitler, Bob Hope, Joseph P. Kennedy, Laurel and Hardy, James Mason, Benito Mussolini, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and James Stewart, among others.  A film featuring WWII clips and Beatles music??  Well thats a bit odd isn’t it? Perhaps the discussion in this article makes a bit more sense in this context.


Were they trying to tell us something more with their coded references in Sgt. Pepper? Most people think they were. What it was exactly- we are still (nearly 50 years later) trying to figure out. One thing is for certain- their use of known spies and famous occultists and Freemasons within the “crowd” is definitely noteworthy. And seemingly- their continued nod to the military industrial complex throughout their careers within and without the Beatles keeps coming up- time and time again.  Is this what they were trying to convey to us? Perhaps partly- it is. Perhaps- I am a total nutter and deserve a flaming Pye right in my face!


As a final thought, before I wipe the Pye off my face-  Was George trying to convey the same message with his album “Dark Horse” which incidentally is also the name of his own record label company? Some interesting symbolism here on this cover-(note all the record label logos) as well as a nod to Sgt. Pepper once again…



To Be Continued…..


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