Yoko Ono goes to Egypt

Yoko Ono and John Lennon had a fascination with ancient Egypt. Both Lennon and Ono believed they were reincarnations of ancient Egyptian royalty.  In one of John’s final interviews, Playboy magazine sat down with Yoko and John in an interview in September 1980 that quickly became considered sacred to Beatles and Lennon’s fans. Here is a part of that infamous interview regarding Yoko’s fascination with Egyptian art.

PLAYBOY: “How have you chosen to invest your money?”

ONO: “To make money, you have to spend money. But if you are going to make money, you have to make it with love. I love Egyptian art. I make sure to get all the Egyptian things, not for their value but for their magic power. Each piece has a certain magic power. Also with houses. I just buy ones we love, not the ones that people say are good investments.”

Full Playboy article here

As January [1977] rolled on, an exotic adventure, engineered by Yoko, promised freedom from their lethargy. Sam Green learned from one of his colleagues about a clandestine archeological dig being conducted in Egypt to unearth an ancient temple. The project, however, needed funding to complete the excavation. When Green relayed this news to Yoko, she could barely wire the money to Cairo fast enough, and began planning a visit to the site. Lennon, too, excited by the prospect of an intercontinental hunt for artifacts, couldn’t wait to get on the plane.”



Yoko Ono and John Lennon in Egypt, 1977

Plastic Ono Band “Feeling the Space” album features Yoko as the Sphinx.


In several interviews by Sam Green as well as Fred Seaman (John’s personal assistant 1978-1980- interesting name right?) both specifically said Yoko arranged for a sarcophagus to be delivered to the Dakota that still had the mummified remains of an Egyptian princess inside. This mummy Yoko believed was herself in a past life.

Sam acquired exquisite works of art for Yoko, including a Renoir and an
Egyptian sarcophagus which had contained the remains of a princess that Yoko
was convinced had been her in a past life.  He fixed it for the Lennons to
attend the inauguration party for President Jimmy Carter in 1977 when they
decided on a whim at the last minute they had to be there.

As a token of their appreciation for all he’d done, they gave him a concert
grand piano with a plaque which read:  “For Sam — Love From Yoko and John —
1979. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rec.music.beatles/QEMxCpVS-4A

So then I wondered- WHO is in the sarcophagus? (which still remains in her apartment today). Yoko has been asked about this several times in interviews, but refuses to comment. So then I began to search, I wanted to find any correlation with Yoko and ancient Egypt- and I found an art piece done by Yoko titled “Bastet” of dozens of identical black cats with yellow eyes.

Desiree Hall's photo.

Bastet was of course the cat-headed goddess of the late dynasty in Ancient Egypt. When I checked wikipedia on Bastet,found the following:

One recent suggestion by Stephen Quirke (Ancient Egyptian Religion) explains it as meaning “She of the ointment jar”. This ties in with the observation that her name was written with the hieroglyph “ointment jar” and that she was associated with protective ointments, among other things.
She was the goddess of protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits
She is also known as The Eye of Ra.

This intrigued me because earlier I had read that Lennon’s assistant Fred Seaman always found it so curious that Yoko’s bathroom counters were filled with different lotions and skin creams- tens of thousands of dollars worth of ointments. She had some smuggled in from the far East since certain ointments were illegal in the US. Does Yoko think she is the Egyptian Goddess Bastet reincarnate?? Doubtful perhaps- was Bastet ever a true person that could have been mummified?? Perhaps an Egyptian Princess associated with Bastet?

To be continued…….


    1. Umm…maybe but somehow I doubt it.
      More likely she’d have herself cremated like she had Lennon (against his stated wishes to be buried) and have her ashes mixed with his, and placed in a giant memorial with an altar for his and her fans to come pay respects and the more obsessive ones to bring alms and worship accordingly.

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