Kaleidoscope eyes, Crowley and the Symbolic Pyramid

Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band, an homage to Crowley and freemasonry? Don’t flip your Beatles wigs – just hold on tight and hear me out. I’m sure most here are very aware that The Beatles (at least certain members of the Beatles) admired a Mr. Aleister Crowley. He was featured on the Sgt. Pepper album at the specific request of Paul McCartney. Seems as though if you look through “kaleidoscope eyes” (mirroring, the twisting and turning of the image) at the cover of Sgt. Pepper, all kinds of things can be seen. Perhaps the Beatles (mainly John and Paul and most likely with a little help from their friends Sir Peter Blake and Groovy Bob Frasier) purposely made the Sgt. Pepper album as an homage to Crowley- whom they admired. It is hard to “accidentally” insert these images into the cover art, this set is seemingly specifically constructed so that certain things would be shown when applying a mirror to certain areas of the image.  I refer to this as the “Sgt. Pepper code” and it can be interpreted with a bit of insight and esoteric knowledge.

The Crowley Pyramid: crowleypyramid1 Not sure what is going on in the above image? Well, either am I. However this subject would be better saved for another post. There is just too much going on here to explain briefly. The most important part to take with you as we venture further is the consistent reference to Aleister Crowley, and the secret society he is a notorious member of- Ordo Templi Orientis, or simply O.T.O.
Paul is dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him??.
It is my perception that Paul McCartney resonates with Alestair Crowley. Perhaps it is admiration in a form of imitation, perhaps it is all coincidence.  The two men share common parallels, one of which I am going to discuss in this article; Specifically,  the strange happenings and mythology(?) surrounding the Paul is Dead enigma and the curious case of Crowley’s faked death in 1930.

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Charles Caleb Colton 1830.

“At least Crowley was, as young James Laver had observed, ‘safely dead’ this time. Seventeen years before he had actually faked his death, leaving his cigarette case and hand-written suicide note on the clifftop above the crashing waves at Boca do Inferno (Hell’s Mouth)…
… It may have been to get the many creditors off his back and improve the sale of his books; it may have been part of his long running efforts with British Intelligence, …
…There were rumors in the French Press that he had been murdered by assassins from the Vatican…
…Crowley in fact had slipped across the border into Spain, where he took great delight in reading the accounts of his suicide in the newspapers.”
Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune: The Logos of the Aeon and the Shakti of the Age by Alan Richardson

Crowley was big on self-promoting. He was also (for lack of a better term) a troll. Not the kind that lives under a bridge waiting for fat Billy Goats to clippity-clop over it for a tasty meal, but the kind to cause a scene, be overly dramatic and excessively exaggerated and usually heavily coded or symbolic musings. He is an interesting man, but similar to Paul, it is difficult to discern the fact from the myths.
We find that within this tale of Crowley’s faked death, he reportedly had a little help from one of his friends, Fernando Pessoa. Pessoa was a poet and friend of Crowleys’.

“Pessoa, the celebrated Portuguese poet, followed up by feeding suggestive ideas to the local papers concerning the occult symbols that Crowley had used to decorate his note, and telling them that he had seen Crowley’s ghost the next day. The papers ran with it, and announced Crowley’s suicide, much to the amusement of both Crowley and Pessoa. Some weeks later, Crowley arrived unannounced at an exhibit of some of his paintings in Berlin.”

What makes all of this so interesting is that on October 12th, 1969 the “Paul is Dead” rumor went viral. A DJ in Detroit named Russ Gibb took an on-air phone call from Tom Zarski, who began to ask questions about whether Paul McCartney was dead. They began to discuss “clues” from the White Album (Revolution #9 played backwards reveals “Turn me on Deadman”) and the Abbey Road album cover. The Paul is Dead rumor  took off like wild fire from that point forward.


  1. October 12th happens to be Crowley’s birthday- the same day the PID rumor went viral in 1969.
  2. Crowley had a friend leak the rumor to the press, which ran the story immediately- much like the PID story going viral (was Zarski just a concerned fan?- or an insider?).
  3. Pessoa “proved” Crowley’s unfortunate demise to the press citing the hidden esoteric “clues” in Crowley’s notes- much like the pouring over of said “clues” in Beatles album covers, music and photographs for an explanation of the possible death of Paul McCartney.

There is  also sufficient evidence to warrant further investigation into the idea that the Beatles were Freemasons, or at least had the ideals of Freemasonry. There at at least 11 known Freemasons featured on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper album- one of which is of course Crowley himself.  One might ask, when would the Beatles possibly have time to be initiated into the higher masonic orders? And although I do not have an answer for this specifically, their symbolism and esoteric knowledge is prevalent within their music and artwork. Perhaps Paul learned a bit about freemasonry from his father. Perhaps it was Jane Asher and her family that indoctrinated Paul into freemasonry. Perhaps it was applied during their days in Hamburg, hanging out with the very influential Astrid and her circle of existentialist friends. (See rise to beatlemania thread). Perhaps they were born to do this….. Groomed and manufactured from a very early age. The truth may be staring us straight in the face- hidden for nearly five decades.
In conclusion, this is all speculation.  Possibly grasping at straws, finding conspiracy in everything (even within conspiracy theories themselves). Nevertheless, I made this odd connection and I thought I would share with whoever might be interested. This tale does not begin and end with Crowley, there is so much more mystery and involvement in the “Paul is Dead” saga. As stated earlier, it is hard to decipher the truth from the myth in regards to both Paul McCartney and Aleister Crowley. Somehow, they seem to resonate with each other so oddly well, mirroring each other in strange ways in seemingly odd instances as discussed in future blogs.
Thank you for taking the time to entertain my strange Beatle rabbit hole rantings! I appreciate any feedback or criticisms as always. 🙂
Thank you to Horselover Phat for the intriguing OTO diagonal mirror! What a great discovery.


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